LGR Oddware Follow-up: “The Timer” X10 System Controller

May 25, 2018 by 40 Comments

The 1980s home automation continues with more X10 fun! This is the BSR System X10 Timer, a digital clock module that looks like a radio, but actually controls your house through the power lines.

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40 Replies to “LGR Oddware Follow-up: “The Timer” X10 System Controller”

  1. That IBM is gorgeous, also I have the same lamp.

  2. T-MAN 2001 says:

    I love when he turns on the IBM PC and you can hear the cooling fan spooling up

  3. Gerard Kean says:

    can it play duke nukem?

  4. 6:17 sounds like an industrial air conditioner starting up.

  5. I would love to see you outfit your whole house with this system. Also have a question, does everything it controls have to go through those little modules or can it control things straight through the power lines? Don’t know how you’d figure out what goes where but it would be very handy for turning on external and built in lighting!

  6. Sammie1053 says:

    I saw the original yesterday so im commenting at the beginning of the video and anxiously awaiting another "Monday Friday Wednesday Friday 12 PM turn on desk lamp ?"

  7. Robbie says:

    That IBM Starting up :,)

  8. I must say, having started watching the TV series Halt and catch Fire really made me appreciate more these videos. I guess with understanding more comes the joy.

  9. Ray Fenwick says:

    I'd love to get some X10 stuff, but the majority is for US 110v mains – it wasn't as big in Europe, sadly.

  10. Eliza Taylor says:

    So is amazon alexa and all the other versions a modern version or is there something closer to this.

  11. If you have the Commodore 64 version, you should let The 8-bit Guy try it out and perhaps he could do a video on it. 🙂


  13. 6:18 Cue rocket launch sequence!🖥💾🚀
    Gota love those sounds

  14. Deanna Scott says:

    Is that a computer turning on or a freight train?? 😉 😉

  15. Alex de Moya says:


  16. Patrick says:

    this freaks me out..the same way the government can listen into conversations via a pluged in and " on" regular incandescent light bulbs in ur house.

  17. John Freeman says:

    @6:35 wow, what an amazing startup sequence, thanks for including that

  18. Neiloch says:

    6:20 finally an ASMR video I can get behind

  19. Well, at 6:30 when he turned on the AT, it sounds like a jet taking off.

  20. skyyzz says:

    its like you have an old alexa

  21. C. Strawn says:

    That computer sounds like it’s about to take off!

  22. i love the VFD in there

  23. I want one of those things now. I'm a heavy sleeper so I can use this as an alarm clock. Just wire up a doorbell to a lamp and attach the x10 to it.

  24. I bet this was ideal for automating indoor marijuana grows back in the day

  25. Mark C says:

    That AT boot sounds like a hovercraft starting up

  26. You Matter says:

    Dammit I tried my ass off to catch the one frame of the gun at the end of this on my cell. Anyone please grab it and tell me what it says. It's the last frame of this post.

  27. I could use this in everyday life.

  28. Tony Hancock says:

    It really does work on a first come first serv… wait what!? 🤣

  29. 14u73 says:

    That‘s so fascinating. A little bit like an Echo Show of sorts. Do you know if this early „smart home movement“ was more or less an USA thing or was this also popular with some tech guys in I. E. Europe? I‘m from Germany and may be of more or less your age and I am interested in IT since I was a little boy. But stuff like that never occurred to me. 😃

  30. Tinman says:

    2 years ago I've bought the same thing but I didn't know what it does, I just looked at it and liked it as a desk clock. Mines model says x10-02011

  31. Phrea Nix says:

    I sometimes think about these video's, and then hope you actually use this daily, Clint !

  32. I’m actually impressed at how well they worked for the time
    They should have more notoriety than they have

  33. The beauty of x10 is all you need to have is a controller and a module… you could take it to a rental on vacation or even a hotel and set it up in seconds

  34. D827 Kelly says:

    The Linux kernel has had X10 support for ages, so you should also be able to use virtually any computer that you can run Linux on to some extent.

  35. Zaraaf San says:

    He has a wood grain fetish