Minecraft MOB FARM TUTORIAL | Zombies and Skeletons , Easy , Java & Bedrock

May 30, 2018 by 40 Comments

This video will teach you how to make a simple Skeleton Farm or Zombie Farm that will work in the Update Aquatic. This tutorial also has multiple options in terms of the grinding part. I show you how to make the mobs a 1 hit kill, how to have them die instantly, or how to make the farm semi compact. This is a standard design that has been around for years and utilizes the new mechanics.

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Step 1 – 1:00
Step 2 – 3:09
Step 3a – 5:48
Step 3b – 7:37
Step 3c – 9:23
Step 4 – 10:20

This design will work in 1.13 and on both the Java Edition of the game as well as the Bedrock Edition.








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40 Replies to “Minecraft MOB FARM TUTORIAL | Zombies and Skeletons , Easy , Java & Bedrock”

  1. kaoslim says:

    Do water elevators still work with the update or nah?

  2. Survivalist says:

    Thank you, very effective, gained 7 levels within a minute of starting it up.

  3. Thanks it works! I almost died four times trying to remove the torches too XD

  4. Zarek Nalepa says:


  5. How do i do that i can See how mobs are spawning? With glass. But i dont wanna to stop mobs to spawn. And i wanna See them can you help??

  6. Rave says:

    Can someone please reply.

    I have a mob spawner at Y 10 or something. I havnt found one higher than that yet and i have found like 5 spawners. Wtf do i do

  7. Best. Thing. Ever.

  8. GHawkins says:

    How does this work In survival?

  9. Nil Roman says:

    thanks a lot!!!!!

  10. SkyblowDK says:

    I'm guessing if you do this on a zombie spawner you will need some way of dealing with the baby zombies?

  11. Touchy Uncle says:

    Could you stack two spawners?

  12. Lese39 says:

    What if my spawner is at level 17?

  13. Erik Homoľa says:

    Very nice video man. You've made it perfectly! My thumb is up 😉

  14. King Le says:

    Omg thank you so much I finally have a farm the first one I’ve ever made

  15. Black Fenix says:

    Omg just watched the guide and your voice

  16. Aanek Chahl says:

    Just use silk touch

  17. Jermcicle says:

    Thanks a million found one right under my house, bed rock is exactly @ 21 blocks down luck on luck 1 hit do fark under already built base lol

  18. JustLuKe says:

    i found a zombie spawner and right bellow that a skelly spawner

  19. I did it, bit messed up and somehow made a drowned farm instead. works for me anyways

  20. Joseph Z says:

    9:23 is my personal favorite

  21. Rt says:

    Mine is close to bedrock any tips

  22. textlingo says:

    I'm in hardcore mode and the one shot method doesn't ones hot them, should i dig deeper? Can anyone help me with this?

  23. Jifin^-^ says:

    I know this is an old video but I really hope you could help me because your tutorial is only that has work for me so how could go about making a mob from to 2 spawners that I found 4 block diagonally from each other it blew my mind that I actually found this in my world I would just love to know how to take advantage of it

  24. Splaron says:

    I watched this video after watching your latest video, and you sound sooooo much younger 😂😂.

  25. Woooow, I'm from 2020, your voice changed so much!

  26. Oh my god your voice is so high

  27. has anyone tried this recently?? does it still work??

  28. Athina Con says:

    I did the second option where they fall 26 blocks and die instantly but then I get no experience points when I go to where they get killed by the chest??? So its just a rotten flesh farm.. I wanted an experience farm and maybe the rotten flesh would be useful.. Disappointing… What am I doing wrong… Any ideas?? Maybe I should just redo it and go for the 3rd option of killing them at the spot…

  29. Athina Con says:

    Warning. If you want experience do not do the second option (no kill) as you get none. I changed mine and went for the last option and it works that way 🙂

  30. Bob Saget says:

    Is no one commenting on how weird his voice sounds in this one video?? How has no one said anything about this

  31. S K says:

    Is this still working for 1.16??

  32. Nanami says:

    hello wattles, I just looked for a random old video of yours to laugh at your voice, ok have a good day