Perform Network Fingerprinting with Maltego [Tutorial]

May 31, 2018 by 45 Comments

How to Use a Domain to Gather Info About a Network
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 017

Maltego is a great tool for any white hat hacker, pentester, or digital security professional. One of the uses is fingerprinting an entire network, and we can do that just by starting out with a single website domain. You can view all the technical details about a target network, including name server, MX server, DNS server, IP addresses, IP netblocks, AS number, and more.

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45 Replies to “Perform Network Fingerprinting with Maltego [Tutorial]”

  1. You're doing a nice job bruh!

  2. Pixelata says:

    This video was fun to watch at the same time!

  3. rocky rawlo says:

    Do you have any udemy course

  4. Wow! This tutorial is so awesome, so systematic, just wonderful. Subscribed. Looking for more materials.

  5. Can you make a video on nmap?

  6. @Null Byte – Some instances when you say "DNS Servers", I think you really mean "DNS records".

  7. Unlike most the online cyber security teachers you know what you’re doing and giving an interesting material. Keep it up πŸ‘Œ

  8. How can i get it for free and full?? I can install on my mac sir

  9. MarioLoco03 says:

    is there a way to track VoIP numbers with Maltego? I have 4.1 but the phone number transform doesnt return any results. I've tested with my number which for sure is linked to email and other phone numbers.

  10. Skunkhead says:

    hell of a video πŸ™‚ got it installed with parrot sec…….gunne be taking a good look at that (noob)

  11. draco5991rep says:

    Is there any way to protect yourself from getting fingerprinted

  12. Nice content, one little piece of advice… Purely a cosmetic thing… Put your que cards directly bellow the lens of the camera, its less noticeable,

  13. Nice video. Thanks null byte

  14. kartonbaba says:

    i know this is a late comment but I'm still loving the content. thank you!

  15. Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas

  16. Morpheus goes to YouTube.. I love ghat Guy ! β€πŸ‘Œ

  17. Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas

  18. Thank you. Sr great Tutorials . is going to help a lot I have a jungle in my network. To many ears and eyes,virus you name it thank you

  19. La Te says:

    Ass number 😨

  20. Yes! Finally caught him blinking!

  21. Shin Takata says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I'm able to recon a website that has illegal stuff going on. πŸ™‚

  22. Do you sell merchandise? A black shirt with Null byte written in the green font will look pretty cool.

  23. Please upload some videos in hindi

  24. Donis Perez says:

    – I google search maltego
    – Click paterva . com
    – "Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site" ; " We can't connect to the server at paterva . com"

  25. poopile says:

    How did you open the Run Transforms window at 6:15? I'm using Buscador 2.0. You just seemed to click it but I cannot bring it up. When I go to Transforms everything is greyed out and I don't see how to bring up a Quick Lookup.

  26. Rusty Bryant says:

    this is good stuff!

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  28. Zao Fei says:

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  31. Good tool to find jobs in good companies πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Kody!

  32. Socket Py says:

    how to know how many total numbers of tweets and rewtweets someone has made over a given period?

  33. Siva Das says:

    [drake meme format]
    Watching the entire video to gain knowledge πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
    Watching the entire video to see him blink πŸ‘πŸ‘

  34. "M-X Bubbles wouldn't work on my wi-fi network but the calendars still report Hanukkah…" πŸ—¨πŸ˜πŸšπŸ‘πŸŽ‘πŸ“†πŸŒ 

  35. Sanitizer says:

    Nmap, Nikto : Are We Joke To You?

  36. Looks like a good way to create a structure for the reporting too

  37. mk2 says:

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  38. Uppy Pasha says:

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  39. Mr Obvious says:

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  40. can we get anyones fingerprint data

  41. Jim Hibert says:

    Get straight to the demo. TL;DW

  42. Thuku says:

    The eyelids blink so subtly

  43. ranbir Das says:

    do we need to use the paid version?