Touching Plasma – Smarter Every Day 193

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UAH is located in Huntsville, Alabama. We do hardcore research, most often by partnering with several government agencies such as Marshall Spaceflight center or US Army research organizations.

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From Dr. Gabe Xu:
Favorite quote from this article:
“I humorously like to say that ion engines and Hall-effect thrusters are the Prius of the in-space propulsion world,” says Hopping, “because they rely on high fuel efficiency to bring about significant cost reduction and range improvements, but at the expense of high thrust.”

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31 Replies to “Touching Plasma – Smarter Every Day 193”

  1. LARRY TAYLOR says:

    Doctor Destin. That’s got a nice ring to it.

  2. Chris Smith says:

    that is deep research. wish them all the best.

  3. J.A.Ratt85 says:

    I wonder if I'm one of the few people here that instantly gets the difference between crushing resistance and impact resistance. When pressure is evenly applied to a material at a slow rate it is (typically) easier to withstand. When the same amount of pressure is quickly applied to a material it causes a shockwave to ripple through the material making microscopic (or smaller) changes/waves to/in the material causing it to fail easier. It's similar to the difference between a push and a punch.

  4. Gotta have DR. Hazeli try a Penrose tiling as a 3D structure. As an aperiodic tiling it’s structural integrity should be interesting.

  5. Did you get your PHD yet?

  6. RageSquid says:

    Yoinkity mcdoink hallo

  7. Shreyas p says:

    U got lots of Asians there

  8. golfbudmike says:

    Ion propulsion…. that's a TIE fighter… (twin ion engine). That's amazing

  9. Brew Stew says:

    I'd LOVE to work for those guys as this stuff fascinates me and I'd love to learn and experiment, but I'm just not academic 🙁

  10. joaago1 says:

    have you or are you going to do a followup video on your PhD studies and research?

  11. Yo we are so invested now in your PhD give us some updates.

  12. "the whole point is to make a micro air vehicle" ahh yes I believe the CIA has had this tech for half a century

  13. Robert Smith says:

    My dad does that 3d printing for work.

  14. Robert Smith says:

    And created a few light strong steuctures

  15. Huh! Yea, what he said. I wish that would have had the intelligence these incredible people have. Science is Awsome!! Thank you Smarter Every Day.

  16. "would you like to get a PHD?"
    "Would you like to film in slow mo with a phantom for free?"

  17. Is this not a bit strange to have so many Chinese in there? How would one not be aware that all the information of these tests paid by American tax payer might end up in China. Call me paranoid but things like that has happened before.

  18. Mary Lagua says:

    Great program for advancement.

  19. J Flannman says:

    The ionization engine was mind blowing. I would love to be able to work with this kind of tech. Sounds like a great place.

  20. I'm thinking about a quasicrystal structure – could it hold the compression stress better than the periodic structures? It should be easy to make with the 3D printer.

  21. I feel so sorry for those research professors, they're going to be FLOODED with applications!

  22. Hamid Hqs says:

    All American researchers are Asian

  23. bdan says:

    One day I might go there to do research, seems like a lot of fun!

  24. bdan says:

    For the lattice structures, why don't they just simulate it on a computer, like I mean use AI to find the best structure that can take the most stress. Just throw the physics laws into there and I feel like that would be easier than just building and testing. I would hope they use simulations to find the actual shapes before testing. Because I feel like stress is similar to how current works, how the current coming in equals the current coming out, but in this case the current is force.

  25. bdan says:

    I'll just be drawing lattice structures for fun now see what I come up with lol.

  26. Jesus Alive says:

    Now put that on my chest in a bulb!

  27. Dan B says:

    Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet 🧲?

  28. Hey Destin, did you end up doing that Phd and how it went I want a video of it pls

  29. I got my master's degree from UAH this summer. I used to work in the lab in front of the office of Dr. Hazeli. I wish I met you during my time in Huntsville.