True Facts : Ant Mutualism

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  1. Amy Holley says:

    Yay! He said hidey hole! πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  2. SSDi Boi says:

    Bwahaha comical perception

  3. Rob Fowler says:

    Apparently, "Dave" has a bit of a fetish.

  4. Davit come back David that’s poop

  5. This guy forgot one important detail, all worker ants are in fact sterile females.

  6. Jack _Playz says:


  7. Tappy tappy, back to sleep.

  8. Chad Lampman says:

    David is doing his best

  9. I love everything about you, I know we're world's away from each other but I would love to have a 20min to pick that brilliant mind of yours. Your super necessary, keep it up my friend. And I say my friend very loosely because there is a high chance of you being a terrible person. Toodles

  10. Leafy leafy whos an ass hole.

  11. I noticed that every creature you showcase the short-bus window licker in every species is named David! Well I take personal offense to it and I don't care how true it…. I'm sorry, I just saw a byiird… What were we talking about?

  12. ilituret says:

    I read this as "Ant Mutilation" and got so confused

  13. Should have called the Aphid Poo by the name Honey Doo-Doo

  14. David is still carrying that shit till this very dayπŸ’©πŸœ

  15. James Burk says:

    Listen, maybe if you showed david how to properly cut leaves instead of just criticizing him he wouldn't pick up random pieces of shit and try to pass them off.

  16. rer1967 says:

    Don't worry David, there's a long list of honey dews waiting for you.

  17. curlybrownk9 says:

    Everyone has worked with a David one time or another.
    Davids collect alot of unemployment.

  18. Frog guy says:

    david come back thats poop

  19. 1:38
    That could be a cool video game consept.

  20. maddie J26k says:

    no David……thats poop

  21. Sissy Love says:

    David, the assbackwards individual in ANY Species… Sorry Davids

  22. David is a male ant and ant males don`t work

  23. 0:54 what the fffarmers πŸ˜…

  24. SSTVirginia says:

    Two ants one aphid. That video destroyed all good in humanity.

  25. David is dumb he doesn't know the lord fungusmod doesn't want it

  26. Ant version of two girls and a cup

  27. Kayla Packer says:

    "Tappy tappy, back to sleep"

  28. He sounds like a Person who Browse memes in Reddit

  29. Angie Ando says:

    Ants eat aphid poop and then puke it into each other’s mouths.

  30. David might enjoy the sweet taste of….DUNG!! Leave him alone, while he's chewing on his: "Brown Ground Round!"

  31. While the other ants are drinking Poop Milk Secretions, David is Munching Poop! Yummy!!

  32. Dr Bright says:

    Yet more proof that even animals we look down on share a lot of behaviors with us.

  33. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love these

  34. Forkimg hilarious! LMFAO-ROTF funny!

  35. 0:25 "David. Come back David thats poop" XD

  36. Whether male or female, everyone knows a David in their life. Dare to be different and carry your shit, instead of throwing it at others. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  37. Vicky Burton says:

    Actually, worker ants are all female.

  38. John Janney says:

    My name is david

  39. That's a beetle, not an aphid at 3:10. But this is a tiny quibble vastly outsized by the extraordinary information and hilarious wit of Zefrank's "True facts" series.

  40. tjp353 says:

    'Fannypack' – if only you knew…