True Facts : Carnivorous Plants

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  1. so Nappy says:

    This is the science teacher I need

  2. 何言ってるのか分からないが

  3. Bolezy says:

    That was the best narration I've ever heard. Almost Ozzyman level.

  4. NOFOOD? says:

    FBI: Hello, how can we help you?
    Vegans: Please delete this.

  5. For fuck sake why did the frog just jump out of no where fuck frogs bruh

  6. Was searching through youtube recomendations unattentively & read this,
    " CORONAVIRUS PLANT " then, cleaned my eyes to look again & suddenly it changed into " Carnivorous plants "

    Who else did notice this conspiracy ?

  7. TPJ Gaming says:

    Ngl the frog horrified me.

  8. YeeSoest says:

    I know everyone has gaps and tastes differ and all that but please, everybody should be subbed to ZeFrank. It's elementary

  9. You know you're living in 2020 when you accidentally read the title of this video as "Coronavirus Plants"

  10. Leo The BFG says:


  11. "Except if you are this spider this spider dose not give a fuck"

  12. Jaden Guzman says:

    Carnivorous plants


  13. Who read as coronaviruse plant🙄

  14. jay ell says:

    Potanginang yann

  15. hussamii says:

    Your mom is weird 🌚🌚

  16. Dr.ポチ says:


  17. Girl licks nose. Guy opens mouth

  18. It's 2020, and at first glance of the title to this video, I thought it said coronavirus. 😷🙄😂

  19. I thought coronavirus plant

  20. Who else thought the title said coronavirus plants?

  21. Hysminai says:

    Bat's has also been shown to cooperate with such plants.

  22. I will have been lured into a wet hole trap.

  23. Jane Doe says:

    Omg I love nature shows and now i love you!❤!…hilarious 😁

  24. Nyiur Gading says:

    Useful videos, relaxing for the information

  25. The narrator Vocal so good..

  26. Magda Lopez says:

    Le doy un 👎👎👎🖕🖕🏻🖕no me gusta

  27. Laurie says:

    Getting eaten by a shark is no longer my worst nightmare. Thanks!

  28. NIGHTCORE says:

    thats what she said

  29. Ashid ASD says:

    I was about to sleep and read coronavirus plants

  30. that frog have a suicide

  31. …like my Mum used to say IF YOU NEED CALCIUM EAT A MILKMAN!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  32. 2:50 it's lucas. he don't give a crap

  33. Anyone read that corona virus plant !

  34. 1:45
    The Flytrap in the back: aight ima die

  35. Sammie J. says:

    "Yup that's what she said " 😂

  36. Also the Venus flytrap looks like cunt, actually it got its name from that.