What happens when you cut a RUNNING chainsaw with a waterjet? Don’t try this at home.

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We have had a few fans suggest that we cut a chainsaw in half. But cut it while its running at full throttle. We first cut the chain while its running, then we cut engine in half. Then we went to return the chainsaw, it was classic, ultimate chainsaw fail. Cutting it in half and seeing inside was my favorite part, and I loved how the guy at **** reacted.

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43 Replies to “What happens when you cut a RUNNING chainsaw with a waterjet? Don’t try this at home.”

  1. DJ Arqt3k says:

    so they do re sell stuff if you return it. he said " we cant resell this"

  2. It hurts to watch

  3. ANDREW C says:

    That guy was really slow to realize this is unusual!

  4. G Clowne says:

    like everything except the part about the return.

  5. K J says:

    I didn't knew that my new hobby would be waterjet videos

  6. “We’ll get to the bottom of this”

  7. how fast can you get a chain saw chain going with a water jet?

  8. HighRevRyan says:

    It’s ok cause it’s a seasonal chainsaw.

  9. HighRevRyan says:

    “Lightweight and smooth operation”

  10. lanswyfte says:

    OSHA has left the chat

  11. Friend O says:

    That's definitely not homedepot maybe Lowe's everything is orange

  12. IDRS Daily says:

    Listen closely and you'll hear a moan 1:00

  13. Bob Beach says:

    Balls of steel for returning the chainsaw

  14. Kraig is expendable. I agree.

  15. 5:21 not trying to judge to much but u guys should have cut from the other way or bottom up rather and cutting into the spark plug or something important

  16. I never thought this channel would be so entertaining

  17. 666camel666 says:


  18. Blue says:

    What was the name of the song in the video

  19. Scott Miller says:

    That was really dumb. I don't know how I got here. So that might be even dumber.

  20. Frameoneup says:

    Don’t try this at home like we got a water jet chilling at our house

  21. It only stopped because you cut the spark plug

  22. Did anyone else have the green flashes towards the end?

  23. Kyler Outman says:

    That return was just like a vlog creations vid😂

  24. Tupapi Soyyo says:

    That was hilarious!

  25. Not gullible, he just can’t tell you you’re full of it and call you an idiot to your face.

  26. amader akhaaney na flia boley toh aiesey v hoga key fliya vairass aiesey v hoga daylee daylee smoke humko v nahiee kar ney smoke q .

  27. i don.t no mar k fake doh ander a ander humko v nahiee chal ney dijia .

  28. daytaa vool gaya feer sey

  29. onek v feer sey vool gaya .

  30. onek v feer sey vool gaya .

  31. agar hum vaag gaya toh chaleyga go after then see ah ya see n f up in2 gate bit2 vegitable hit2 hit2 seet zoo seet zoo daykh2 daykh2 make2 ak2 ak2 sheak2 rotea fake 2 mallee vairass dusman hey .

  32. humko agar police pakkar liya toh is choop k choop k set dren dead killed please help hoga .

  33. Where is the eye and ear protection!?

  34. wait that's illegal

  35. For a few seconds I thought he knew what he was doing when he started carving the log then he made that 0:56

  36. Chad T says:

    Lmao just found your guys channel 🤣 was funny to see you try to return it

  37. Дибилами не рождаются ими стоновятся.

  38. Chris Durnin says:

    Cant say home beepo

  39. J P E says:

    Chainsaw: You can never defeat me!
    Tree: I know, but he can
    Waterjet: breaks free from prison TREMBLE BEFORE ME CHAINSAW!

  40. Taking it back was a completely legendary move lmao

  41. Malaria says:

    Title: don't try at home

    Me: yeah because I have a water at my house