Will 300 mph Throwing Knives Go Through a Wall? – Slow Motion Destruction – 12,500 fps

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Mitchell had this crazy idea of shooting throwing knives through a house. So this is what we came up with to make it happen. First we show you how to make an insane diy air cannon and then launch knives and 150 caliber slugs, it was pretty crazy and I’d say it was pretty successful. What should we launch next? and what should we launch it at? We filmed the destruction in slow motion with our high speed camera. It looks pretty interesting at 12,500 fps.

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31 Replies to “Will 300 mph Throwing Knives Go Through a Wall? – Slow Motion Destruction – 12,500 fps”

  1. Matthew Ball says:

    Need to pack the knife like a shotgun slug so when it comes out the barrel it separates an fly's straighter

  2. Sean DePoppe says:

    I love the 2nd slow mo shot you can see the shock wave in the glass! 1st one yeah shockwaves but the 2nd with the glass was badglass!!!

  3. Do it again with your shiny solenoid valve!

  4. Frosty says:

    Damn DIO is watching

  5. Ken Skater says:

    You need a stringer to create drag behind the blade. It could also be used as wadding.

  6. Should have put the knives in a piece of PVC or similar to make it a crossbolt… That should have kept it mostly straight

  7. I wonder if you put a badminton or feather flight on the knife, if it would fly better

  8. you're hitting halfway through rotation a 12 inch blade makes one rotation every 6ft when throwing it,you should be able to calculate where the gun needs to be for projectiles that rotate in the air as they travel to the target

  9. Lucky Wolf says:

    You should make a special knife shooting cannon.
    And I want to have a 300 mph banana hit a cinder block.

  10. engquist206 says:

    Soooooooo glad I came across this YouTube channel! I work as a Waterjet Machine Operator as well and seeing some of the material you guys cut amazes me. Some of that stuff (especially the bowling ball) I've always wanted to cut myself and see the outcome but my boss would probably have my ass for it lol. Thanks guys for showing everyone what these machines are capable of, you've got a new subscriber here! Definitely looking forward to future vids!!!

  11. Joshua Kozee says:

    We need to lick test mitchel to make sure he is mitchel

  12. Jay Collins says:

    I'm calling OSHA.😂😂😂

  13. Wayne Miller says:

    Those knives suck they break I got a couple blanks they're better though if you heat treat and harden the blade portion

  14. "With the knives"
    "And the metal slug"
    Wait why are they laughing? O.o

    OH THE GAME 0-0

  15. What Rockwell do you think that rock is ?

  16. Better idea make a extra opener for the air and have about 5 feet of compressed air ready in that then open the valve and that will make it fly even faster

  17. Andres Viel says:

    Just make a ball of Silly Putty for the front and the back of the knife to act as a guide on the way through maybe make the ball on the front a little bit heavier so the front stays the front

  18. brandon bean says:

    Make a muzzle break for the end of the pipe so not all of the comprest air goes out the front and over powers the knives causing unstable flight

  19. Lane Hill says:

    That’s right we love it when you cut rocks!!

  20. Jordan says:

    it's so cool seeing how the cops were so Interested in the crazy dangerous cannon they made😂

  21. Even at the slow mo part at 7:20 I couldn’t see them so I slowed the whole vid down to .25 and they still travelled super fast

  22. Seaborg says:

    Mitchell is best boi