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i have solved the mystery, or the issue, that i was having in the last video concerning a 1.13 mob elevator. today i am showcasing a working simple mob elevator for the update aquatic! a big thank you again to all of those who helped guide me to this design in the comments of the first video! part one is linked on the endslide, it has more background!









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31 Replies to “WORKING Update Aquatic MOB ELEVATOR!”

  1. Simplicty says:

    Hey um I ran into a problem where the water stream going across on the mob farm stops right at the bubble column . Help??

  2. Radio XV says:

    Snow golems don't do damage :/

  3. Use stairs for the edges

  4. Chue Lor says:

    The way i see it is…. 4 skeletons spawn.. One gets stuck.. 5 seconds later 4 more spawns but all 4 get thru bcuz the one stuck ealier gets pushed down.. So u only actually lose 1 skeleton everytime u go to the skeleton farm.. The very 1st one out of the 4.. Then u will get every1 after that.. Even if one does stay stuck

  5. Byte11 says:

    Put trapdoors next to the two block drop. Then the mobs won't know that they're going to fall. Make sure they're placed on the block opposite from the water

  6. Liur says:

    Only problem I'm running into is they're falling down tall ones. šŸ™

  7. Jorrik Poll says:

    This helped me so much Thnx i was stuck at the same thing

  8. TrangleC says:

    I was thinking about something like that, but the Wiki says Mobs don't slide on ice. Has that been changed since this video was made?

  9. Ethen Tullis says:

    Thank you this video was very helpful. šŸ™‚

  10. I've got a version that requires no pistons, no ice, eliminates the mobs fighting the streams, and works 100% of the time with virtually no delays.

    Step 1, build your dark room as normal, except use fences for the floor. Because a fence only takes a partial block, the mobs drop down before they reach the end of the stream, and so you avoid the whole issue of mobs fighting a stream that ends right at the edge of a block. You can also build the floor as normal and just replace the last row with fences, the stream will push them over the fences.

    At the end of the second stream, the one that carries them out of the room, you want to do the same thing as above. This second stream should drop them into a 2×2 room with a water source in the block they drop into. Make the walls they are pushed into by this diagonal stream out of fences.

    At this point, your mobs should all be getting pushed into a corner. Knock out the blocks diagonal to that corner. This is your rising shaft. The mobs will be pushed through the gap between fences. Now knock out a couple blocks behind the shaft, one on each side. Place water in the shaft so it is flowing from the shaft into those holes, so mobs that have been pushed into the rising stream now get pulled the rest of the way into it. Now place your soul sand and finish the rising and drop shafts. Use the fence trick to get them into the drop shaft without fighting.

    This design works because at every point, there is a stream either pushing or pulling the mobs through, and there are no places where the mobs will fight the stream due to being at the edge of a block.

  11. eef beef says:

    I placed another soulsand elevator with one block of water, the water at the same level as the first block of soulsand just in front of it where there is a 2 block high gap between the water and the water stream, the mobs bounce around for a second until their pathfinding figures out they can't get back up that way so they turn around then WHOOOOSH!!! This is helpful if you don't want to hurt mobs for dropping them etc.

  12. MikeOnTheBox says:

    You are missing something on the design with signs all the way up. Skeleton can decide to walk backwards and fall to the bottom again. Specially if you are elevating them many blocks.

  13. smooth3e says:

    Earned a sub for this. Love bedrock over java lately. Nice content.

  14. Monkey14WLS says:

    It doesn't work on the PS3 and ice on the PS3 is luck if u get a seed that has it. It's like 1 in 50 for a random seed.

  15. John Willis says:

    This might sound mean but Wattles sounds like he is on helium in this video. His voice has changed A LOT since this I guess!

  16. Branden H says:

    The mobs resisting the current is my biggest issue atm, may try to mess with a piston to see if that helps but overall still working enough to the point where I can get some pretty decent enchantments fairly fast

    Thank you!

    Edit: Adding another nook a few blocks below the original nook to allow water to flow in, is an easy fix to pull the mobs in!

  17. so I tried your signs going all the way up, it works, iā€™m getting mobs in my kill chamber but i have mobs fall out of the elevator into the open space with the signs. is this a thing or am I doing something wrong?

  18. Never even showed how the water goes up

  19. Rino Monkey says:

    Use diagonal water flow and glass panes instead, cheaper better easier and higher sucess rate

  20. Wow… I just fixed my skeleton exp farm. Thanks for this!

  21. My man says:

    wow, old wattles is just new wattles but younger

  22. Riley says:

    Holy heck your voice is so diffrent 0.0

  23. VeryKooked says:

    He sounds so different, like a teenager

  24. J P says:

    fuck get to the point i dont give a fuck what you built around it. we are here for 1 simple water mechanic show us that

  25. Riley says:

    Bro you're epic

  26. Joseph S says:

    Omg such a high pitched voice

  27. Pumpkin says:

    hey wattles, I have a solution for this kind of elevator, just break the block behind the first water block (right above the soul sand) that water block will push towards, put a block 3 blocks above the ice (2 gaps), then use the ice trick again, when the zombie get push and slightly touch the water, the soul sand will push it up but it got stuck on the block I mentioned, his leg will then touch the first water block (ofc), and since that water block is pushing towards, the zombie also get push towards and make its way into the elevator its self. I tested and it worked perfectly.
    if you want it even more efficient, just do the breaking block thing again, but stack it upwards, 1 gap between each "breaking". the block above the ice will then be the block has the y level = y level of the tallest "breaking block" + 2 . do the breaking stack up about 4-6 times then the zombie will go like this: it meet the ice then touch the water, it will then go diagonal upwards (because the soulsand push it up and the water breaking push it towards at the same time)
    P/s: hope you like it šŸ˜€

  28. Jim R says:

    pushing across one block is fine enough

  29. wattles make a mod grinder and have elevator going up and kill the mods in there pleaase i want o see someone do that thing to its becuasei have a mod grinder ad have eevator to kill them inside and wiith mod spawners

  30. dane1314 says:

    What's to stop my zombies from falling out of the elevator down the signs? I have that problem a lot.