Defend Against 5 Common Wi-Fi Hacks [Tutorial]

June 28, 2018 by 33 Comments

5 Wi-Fi Hacks & How to Protect Against Them
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 020

We’ll go over the five most common attacks that most attackers will use to break into a Wi-Fi system, and explain how to prevent each attack. These include password cracking, social engineering, WPS PIN attacks, remote access attacks, and rogue access points.

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33 Replies to “Defend Against 5 Common Wi-Fi Hacks [Tutorial]”

  1. Didn't know Jared Leto was a hackerman

  2. ROFL Kody!!! "Just kidding, those are expensive"

  3. Alakazam says:

    Lol guy is hacking using a Chinese company made computer

  4. m b says:

    Ok you guys look really nerdy in this one

  5. Simone says:

    what vpn do you advice? i just start an business

  6. Ethan says:

    'fun with flags' vibe. good stuff though

  7. Matt H says:

    First video I have seen Kody smile in I think…

  8. John Bates says:

    This is by far the best tutorial I have encountered. There is tones of knowledge to protect ourselves in many ways. It maybe impossible to prevent hacking or intrusions into our computers, laptops or any other electrical means. But we can make it more difficult. Keep up ang good work. Absolutely awesome!

  9. Punish my private information daddy

  10. How about trun off ssid broadcast on router wifi?

  11. Xecel says:

    What happens if your device was originally attacked and it spread through that. If they already have knowledge of your routers mac address can they be stopped? I am just new to this but found someone on my router, because my device was compromised. I see a lot of hackers now use stuff like that venom program and how do you defend against that when all they have to know is router and device information.

  12. "…just kidding. Those are expensive."

  13. xStrands says:

    i always get dosed on xbox is there a way i can find their ip when they hit my internet offline? besides vpn or ovh

  14. Easy, change your profile picture to his face, it is sure to scare the crap out of anyone.

    Please stop, it's scaring me.

  15. Forest River says:

    I have some no life lame group of "hackers" accessing my MacBook and altering network traffic. What can I do?

  16. watching this on a network I hacked

  17. EinfachSim says:

    0:00 „Hello. Welcome to another episode of fun with flags.“

  18. Linux Jedi says:

    Or you can disable the BSSID….lol

  19. Kody looks so intimidating in this video; he looks like the partner of the interrogation specialist.

  20. dylan says:



  21. Jason Malone says:

    OMG!!! HE BLINKED! A lot actually… it was creepy… Don't do it again Kody… if you're not staring at us… you're not Kody and we can't trust you.

  22. chal3t says:

    Our nbr has hacked our WiFi and accessed our cameras, etc. Additionally they’re using something to disrupt the signal of our security cameras on the side & front of our house. Other nbrs reported that this nbr jumped the fence and took things from our yard. The police have had to deal with them in the past regarding their behavior toward us. Our cameras are there as a deterrent and don’t point or look into any of this nbr’s windows. We’ll be swapping our router and changing our settings. Meantime, short of installing wired cameras, how can we stop them from disrupting our cameras?

  23. Any iOS alternatives to Wigle wifi?

  24. O 0 says:

    Lol great vid

  25. DDGS says:

    5:20 That moment when your leader forgot what to say and passes it to you in a very cohesive manner.

  26. Man, i hate burgeouis pig guests!

  27. Cirice Sioux says:

    Defense against the dark arts, or against annoying meth infused tweakers parked infront of your house.

  28. LOL Where can I buy a cyber nuke?

  29. PATRIK says:

    I'm glad this has only 84k views 😀

  30. Stone Dakota says:

    Legend has it when Null Looks at us, all he sees is green code

  31. Fing claims to care about private security, I checked out who the developers are and their webpage collected my cookies data, I don't use third party security. Scan your own ports!

  32. my goodness gracious my soul has never been so deeply looked into

  33. Alison Hen says:

    I get stalked, and my stalker learned to hack my Blink camera in the front door. I took it down, because I didn't want the hacker to have access to audio and video of me, which could be used in Creative Cloud as an opportunity to work against me. There's more than one stalker. I have photos of some of them in cars. But I now have to get a hard wired camera system and a pro install, cause the cams are going outside. I wish there were a way to keep people out. One of my neighbors accessed my internet traffic and started saying, hey, I like what you said in your class paper! She and whomever have scared me to pieces with the car stalks, the new mail thefts and putting it back in the mailbox. So, any tips a non hacking person can use, is good. Right now I believe everything I own us compromised.