Easy AFK Turtle Shell Farm [Automatic] | Minecraft

June 27, 2018 by 42 Comments

I updated my scute and sea grass farm. You can afk and it will automatically allow you to breed up turtles and collect the scute once they’ve grown up and also the sea grass which is reused to continue the process. Enjoy! More 1.13 Snapshot videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_6lv9myQq1l9ifzJuw2TOIf

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ft281znzr87sprr/turtle+farm2+wdl.zip

Outdated farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPdydcZBD-Q

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42 Replies to “Easy AFK Turtle Shell Farm [Automatic] | Minecraft”


  2. I'm here by Vinícius 13

  3. I came by the channel of viniccius13!

  4. literaly 99% of the comments are 'I cam by the channel by viniccius13' lol I just searched for a AFK Scute farm. Good video bro.

  5. I came by the Channel for Vinicius 13

  6. Quem aí não veio pelo Viniccius13?

  7. Raposaney says:

    Obrigado, vim pelo Viniccius13 '_'

  8. Why Korean subtitles but not English D:

  9. Viniccius13 mandou abraço

  10. Michel says:

    Vim pelo viniccius

  11. Punking says:

    all fun and games until you realize you're literally forcing them to breed,
    just to kill the grown babies in front of the mother
    and feeding whats left to the parents

    i like it

  12. Can you build this in any biome or just beach?

  13. Savinsnsn says:

    Yo nice farm man. 👍🏻

  14. patrick says:

    This looks very nice, I'm gonna build it, thanks!

  15. Replica says:

    Can you upload a tutorial on it?

  16. leeterryjr says:

    I did something similar but larger, not afk (cant afford the minecart setup at the top), and mine has multiple rows. I put slabs on the fences and trapdoors over the top of the turtle areas leaving a small gap between them. I did that so that I can walk over them without worrying about crushing eggs but I am able to stand on the lower slab and feed the turtles. I also just used a hopper system going straight down the middle then put water source blocks on the sides so that the items all get pushed into the center hopper (it is cheaper/easier than the minecart method in your vid). As I said mine is not automatic since I have no minecart setup on the top (I play survival and cant afford that). However, it wouldnt be difficult to make it automatic if I had the building materials.

  17. Beloved for Viniccius 13 fans!!!

  18. sjsikwjwke says:

    Minecraft has sea turtles but it need river turtles

  19. Vim pelo Viniccius♥️✌️🤙

  20. -BlackCat- says:

    What's the output per hour?

  21. ethan king says:

    i like the design, is there a video of you building this or do we have to learn it from the things we see in the video?

  22. darcipeeps says:

    My turtles are stompin their own eggs I think. How do you prevent them from cracking

  23. Tony Quezada says:

    Does it need to be built in a beach??
    I already got the eggs but i want to have the farm near my base, which is not in a beach biome

  24. This is gonna help so much. Farming turtles manually is such a pain!

  25. For some reason my turtles won’t lay eggs

  26. This is barbaric! (good design though)

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