LGR – Restoring a 1987 IBM PS/2 Model 30

June 8, 2018 by 31 Comments

Cleaning, restoring, and enjoying this classic Personal System/2 desktop computer from the ’80s! Sure, it was the lowest-end model of its line when it launched, but that’s exactly why I wanna dive into it.

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31 Replies to “LGR – Restoring a 1987 IBM PS/2 Model 30”

  1. LGR says:

    To everyone sending me links to hard disk cables they think will work on this machine:
    as mentioned near the end of the video, there is only one cable that works with this configuration on this particular variant of the Model 30. That would be IBM PN:61X8903. Even then I still don't have the correct hard drive for this machine so I wouldn't be able to use the thing anyway, so I'm temporarily just using an XT-CF-Lite card instead.
    Also, yes I am aware that blowing air into a fan can cause problems. TOO BAD, HAD FUN, NO REGRETS 😛

  2. 9:17 it got hit by a Blue Mustang!

  3. Great vid! Just recently I got a Model 30 off ebay quite cheap, in fact the same exact model, sadly without the iconic orange power switch 🙁
    Seems in Europe they sold them with white switches only… A least mine still has the 20 meg hard drive.

  4. Tetsujin says:

    I picked up one of these at a flea market back in the 1990s… I don't think I ever did much of anything with it though. Don't even remember if I knew it was an 8086 when I bought it. But I got it running, put it on a VGA switch and set up file transfer to it… But I don't think I did much with it beyond that.

  5. Acetone is what we use to take off old sharpie. Nothing works as good

  6. Is there no risk of back voltage from spinning a fan like that?

  7. Eileen Dover says:

    Silpheed looks like Astro Warrior for the Sega Master System.

  8. Gordon Lamb says:

    I am Xacalite, emperor of the universe. You cannot destroy me as long as I have Gloire.

  9. there is a science museum in the university that i got my B.S. degree,you can see two 286 computers there,they are not IBM built ones,they are Japanese,but i think they are clones of IBM PS/2 286 model.they look very similar to this.

  10. cmmolthr says:

    1987 is when I took my first baby-steps into the computer world with a Commodore VIC-20

  11. i just want a dos PC!!!

  12. As someone who was only familiar with the console versions of Silpheed, hearing that familiar tune played by an ad lib sound card really made this video feel relatable to me even though my first PC experiences were with Windows 98, not DOS.

  13. Everytime! Farts Farts Farts Farts Farts Farts …LOL

  14. Lucky Fix says:

    Imagine Old PC Cost More Than New PC Cuz The Part Is Very Rare And So hard to find

  15. Stuart Bentz says:

    The oldest computer thing I own is a Commodore 64, but there is something about really old IBM computers that no one has ever heard about

  16. I bet they have/had one of those cables at computer reset

  17. That power switch is at least better than the one in the 1000TL

  18. Anyone else just come to here the guy talk?

  19. beyerch says:

    FYI – I know this is an old video, but link below has service manual details on the machine. Seems the HD varied based on serial number (see page 228)


    I just pulled one of these machines from my parents house and my HD is shot apparently. The label on mine says Part No. 72X7568 and the IBM sticker says: MODEL: WDI-325Q

    If you happen to still have that HD and its lines up with thsi P/N, let me know, I'm looking for one.

  20. Toxicvortex8 says:

    i just recently bought one of these, and personally, with the stories, I have heard about the hard drives, id goes with a 2nd floppy :/. just what i would do and fine with the fact mine didn't come with an hdd

  21. Matt Buzz says:

    The scratched out serial number makes me think that machine was stolen at some point.

  22. Jeezes, I remember these…..

  23. SteelRodent says:

    really wish you'd learn to call it ATA and not IDE. Yes, back in the 90s everyone mistakenly called it IDE (which btw means Integrated Drive Electronics) because it was a departure from the MFM and RLL drives with external electronics, but IDE literally refers to ALL drive standards with integrated electronics, which means ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, and even external hdd units. ATA is however the interface standard, which is why they're also called ATA-33 (40 pin) and ATA-66 (40 pin 80 wire), while IDE merely describes the type of drive and not the interface.

  24. Aaron Haugh says:

    Cream cleaner does the job for pen stains and other scuff marks Clint 🙂

  25. Phillip Rush says:

    I like that there are 650k other people in the world who nerd out about this as much as I do. Ahoy my fellow friends!

  26. VHFGamer says:

    You know…. part of me wonders if that power switch was disconnected on purpose. If this computer really was set up to emulate an IBM terminal, it might be that whatever corporation who owned it wouldn't want people turning it on and off. So maybe they had the techs pop those levers off and leave them all in the "on" position, and control their power from a main breaker.

  27. JBulsara A says:

    I remember playing good ol' Lucasfilm Games on these machine with remarkable PC-Speaker-Sound. :-D.

  28. +LGR, are you Polish or American?

  29. Lord GeRoX says:

    Lgr doesn't uses baking soda like 8-bit guy
    I'm a bit disappointed 😂

  30. it is much prettier with its original monitor

  31. Justin C says:

    On the scuffs and marker stains, try just going over it with a razor blade. Nothing drastic, just sort of drag the edge over the stain. It will dislodge the particles without causing any sort of noticeable surface damage.