Will a 300 MPH Banana Break a Concrete Cinderblock? In super slow motion

Banana VS Cinderblock – Thanks for the comments suggesting this. I was most surprised by how the banana peal vaporized.

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Its another fun Air Cannon video. We hoped you liked the last one, we had so much fun doing it…that we did another one. We set up the 175 PSI air cannon and loaded it with a banana, eggs, corn on the cob, gummy worms, and sticks of butter and shot them at a block of concrete. Each was pretty cool to watch, especially in slow motion. Do you think any of them could break the cinderblock?Have any other crazy ideas for us? Oh and our 60,000 psi waterjet was broken and will probably be down for another week. Send it some good vibes.

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27 Replies to “Will a 300 MPH Banana Break a Concrete Cinderblock? In super slow motion”

  1. Why do they all have the same haircut

  2. Marvin Cox says:

    Worlds fastest Banana

  3. J-dayday says:

    fire a smoldering coal out of the cannon

  4. J-dayday says:

    shoot a round made entirely out of pykrete, water and sawdust frozen

  5. ItsAJoeyBeat says:

    I wish he would have deep throated the banana and was like “yep that’s a banana” 😂😂😂

  6. I dont need sleep.i need answers

  7. What would a roll of pennies or let's just use washers in a coin roll instead do to a block

  8. Ivan Salazar says:

    theres was too much pressure on the banana for becoming a "fast food" item

  9. andy rowell says:

    We used to roll up socks to fire smaller things out of potato cannons. I think that might help keep the bananas together.

  10. KNIFEGUY1701 says:

    Back when dan had hair

  11. Why did you piss on his hand

  12. what song was playing when the banana was shot at the cinder block

  13. etfukuda1 says:

    Banana shot is D I R T Y : 1:18

  14. How the heck do you explain to your boss when he gets back to work in the morning why there is pretty much an omelette spread all around the workshop lol? Must be a pretty understanding guy.

  15. how can this be 1 year old and the video where the pump is half fixed is 2 years ? i dont get it did you plan banana before the pump broke or what i dont know what to think like some complex matrix happening there

  16. Big sneeze, everything…..

  17. Well, lame, but maybe something here to remember. Uh…no.

  18. Xylaax says:

    what about peel the bananas ball them up into one large mass and dip them in liquid nitrogen

  19. Macca Macca says:

    How much work actually gets done at this place?

  20. Eric White says:

    What about frozen eggs maybe?

  21. Rage4Me says:

    You should have lubed the inside of the tube with the butter. A couple butter runs then everything else.

  22. You need to shoot pycrete which is a combination of water and sawdust frozen its bomb proof stuff the navy built a ship from the stuff you should shoot it at a concrete block

  23. Anonymity says:

    A cryogenically frozen banana may be good

  24. Neon says:

    why are preboiled eggs a thing?