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today i am doing 4 mini tutorials in 1! this video shows off a few basic farms you may want to set up in your world once youre in the update aquatic.

My simple & compact scute / turtle farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if_9PAwul4M&t=27s

Kelp farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-9D0euXI7U

Kelp Farm – 1:00
Sea Pickle Farm – 2:39
Ice Farm – 4:35
Turtle Scute Farm – 6:35

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if you see this comment “nice farm watfles”


23 Replies to “4 EASY 1.13 UPDATE AQUATIC FARMS!”

  1. wattles says:

    Check out Part 2 with 4 more simple Update Aquatic farm concepts!


  2. Tyler Lyons says:

    You need silk touch for most
    “so simple''

  3. Steve Java says:

    Good video!
    I normally stay in survival mode. Normal difficulty. Being new to minecraft i am always looking for good survival advice.

  4. Nanoken says:

    A random question: what is hermit craft? ._. im stupid aint I?

  5. Wiley Coyote says:

    That farm for ice seems pretty…


  6. Samantha says:

    I did 20 spaces down. Put ladders down. Then make a small tunnel (10 blocks)
    On the surface I move to the left and right and mine out 20 blocks down and 10 blocks parallel to your tunnel. Add water and plant kelp.

    To harvest go down the ladder and take out the block that's eye level on both sides and replace with half slabs.
    Smack the kelp and they'll go to the top

  7. Brian Park says:

    Watched this video, and attempted to start a turtle farm.

    I traveled 10k blocks looking for some turtles and maybe, just maybe a trident. I found turtles on a beach, so I used my Silk Touch iron shovel to get sea grass and bred them. The female one laid some eggs and as soon as it did, the sand block below my feet collapsed all of sudden and I plummeted 40 blocks down and died, with most of my stuff. Apparently there was that extreme hills thing right below sand, and the sand block was updated when the turtle laid eggs on it. This has got to be one of the stupidest death in Minecraft history.

  8. Sr says:

    Those are not farms you are just making a jail for everything

  9. Hot Boi says:

    Whats about Turtle ninja ?

  10. Teal Silvers says:

    Aww my duck is named wattles

  11. Im guessing you have braces

  12. Fox Girl says:

    For the first one i feel like you dont even need that when its literally everywhere and was in masses right outside your farm anyway

  13. I have 1.9.0 but have the aquatic update BUT NOT THE 1.14

  14. InsertDesign says:

    When he’s done laying his egg
    HIS EGG🥚

  15. Zoomerguy YT says:

    Let me tell you a joke


    Don’t get it?


  16. innCidious says:

    nope, cant get slick touch early game……..

  17. So I just found out that you can use dried kelp and dried kelp blocks as a fuel source meaning using that over coal as a fuel source can save you from mining for coal
    Edit: That makes the kelp farm even more useful

  18. Mr. Grupit says:

    3:51 wtf sea pickles arent plants how

  19. All really cool farms! I'll definitely try to get to all of them but the turtle farm I'll definitely try soon! I have a spot where I know that turtles are, but should build a farm around them!

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