LGR – Unboxing a New 1980s Amdek Monochrome Monitor

July 20, 2018 by 44 Comments

This is a new old stock Amdek 310A display built in 1988! Amdek made some lovely TTL monitors in the 80s and I’ve wanted one for ages, so I bought this one still sealed. Exploring the history of the company and testing the CRT with an IBM PC AT!

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44 Replies to “LGR – Unboxing a New 1980s Amdek Monochrome Monitor”

  1. Kimg Komg says:

    What is the cancerous growth next to your computer?

  2. Chris Allan says:

    You guys over in America have it good here in the uk these old monitors are impossible to find grate video though

  3. princeston says:

    It's so refreshing. 😀 <3 Look at the quality of that brand new not unboxed.

  4. Sadly is awfully filmed. You should turn of the lights.

  5. I was made in May 1988 as well

  6. Can you even imagine how happy that monitor is now? Three decades in a box and someone FINALLY uses you!! Happy little monitor.

  7. Tolen Tarpay says:

    Start sending the rego cards in (copies, of course; originals must be saved!)…that could be a whole new LGR "thing"!

  8. Tolen Tarpay says:

    So they did Green, Amber, & White (?) phosphor screens; what other colors? Cyan? Magenta? Yellow? How about Violet, or Red (or should I say Rad?…)?

  9. Another cool back viewing session Clint! Great to know about these classic monitors from back in the 80's! The overall aesthetic is vintage and classy! Looking forward to the next one! Stay safe (due to COVID-19), more power, and God bless from the Philippines!

  10. Nis 3r says:

    Careful with that salt lamp!
    Mine sweat like crazy one very humid summer and ruined a bunch of stuff :S

  11. Atreuso says:

    That soft amber is gorgeous

  12. Our first monitor in 1986 was a CGA monitor but it had a switch that let you set it to monochrome gray, green, or amber. I always wondered why someone would NOT want color; but now I get it. If you get used to a green/amber screen; the bright white on a color monitor can be jarring and annoying.

  13. DoctorX17 says:

    Mmmm, amber… I love amber displays. I tend to make my Windows Command Prompt amber.
    Do you think the fact that this thing was in the box and unused has anything do with the lack of ghosting? Would a used display look so clean and smooth?

  14. Dome31337 says:

    Trapped in Amber.

  15. bro why dont u just use an capturer card to get rid of thje miora effect duh.

  16. Sam N. says:

    My first computer had an amber display (it was an Arche) and I am an eternal quest to get dos things to pretend to be on that screen. I love amber displays.

  17. Kyle says:

    It blows me away that something like this can sit unopened for all those years. This thing sat there, in that box undisturbed, for nearly as long as I've been alive.

  18. I wish they'd make modern tech look like retro PC tech. Ughhh

  19. I just want one of these in my house, sitting at a corner displaying a glorious terminal in all its retro spy movie aesthetic. Green would be my first choice but I am open to all colors, just not two of them at the same display thats all.

  20. You just released vintage sealed air from the 80’s upon opening that monitor. Breathe in the nostalgia! Lol!

  21. Mat Ten says:

    nova logic developped the arkanoid 2? i didn't know! i mainly remember them for the amazing voxel 3d commanche : )

  22. Bill Jara says:

    wow the only time I ever saw an orange monochrome monitor was in Revenge of the Nerds

  23. Troy Diggs says:

    Amber is the color of its energy. — I’ll just show myself out.

  24. Storm says:

    Perhaps you could move into some retro unix box reviews and use your lovely amber terminals as the console ;D

  25. Lance Hall says:

    Amber is the color of your energy.

  26. Phil Matic says:

    I just love how the monitor looks. it's amazingly retro modern.

  27. diebesgrab says:

    You should figure out a way to hook your modern PC up to this and play Fallout on it.

  28. Tolen Tarpay says:

    It wouldn't look out of place on a starship's bridge…

  29. Mmmmm amber lgr logo

  30. mindvoid says:

    Were can i get a couple of them please, i live in australia

  31. Dane Maricic says:

    I always find it fascinating when NOS this old manages to survive especially when the manufacturer goes under. Someone bothered to care for and leave untouched warehouses full of electronics for decades under multiple owners. Makes you wonder why they didn't just sell or scrap them.

  32. Test Drive II has fucking BADASS music.

  33. Alex C. says:

    can it do raytracing?

  34. -=tAz=- says:

    I had this exact same monitor for DOS game programming in the 90's. It was a good way to debug DOS-4GW 32-bit games by writing to the mono character buffer.

  35. Can you play Doom or Duke 3D on it?

  36. Chad selbe says:

    I used to ride a school bus by the place on the way to school in Elk Grove i never knew what the place was.

  37. No Good says:

    Hi LGR – this is my favourite video of yours. Do you have or can you get monochromes in other colours? The video game Returm of the Obra Dinn features mockup monochrome display modes, have you played it?

  38. love monochrome monitors amber or green

  39. BoneYard says:

    Wonder what doom looks like on this? I used to play doom at 5fps on a laptop my dad gave me which had a black and white LCD display running windows 3.11 🙂

  40. The Boss says:

    If you plug the monitor into a potato and then route it through the computer you'll find an increase in processing power by 120%

  41. Bob Brown says:

    orange and black is the new orange and black

  42. Saigon says:

    мое детство! у меня был другой 086-ой, но монитор тоже был янтарным : ) кааайф

  43. 11:30 I used to play games using such a screen as featured here back in 1987. I still play games and it blows my mind just how much graphics and sound (you should install an Adlib or something in that old pc) have advanced in over 30 years.