Liquid Cooled Memory is FASTER – $#!T Manufacturers Say

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41 Replies to “Liquid Cooled Memory is FASTER – $#!T Manufacturers Say”

  1. NASA limbu says:

    Giving only system requirment

  2. Ah, so that's why fans are are a necessity for radiators.

  3. Who else had to listen to Scorpions after watching the intro? ✋🏼

  4. VALLEY says:

    I think I saw Thermaltake with an actual 4way ram waterblock

  5. Want to liquid cool everything? Throw your computer into a pool.

  6. Alfred Jophy says:

    Up next We Water Cooled an SSD!!

  7. Chris Adams says:

    Hang on your test is invalid what is the profile size of your trident heat spreader compared to this one ?

  8. next will be under water pc😁

  9. Bomann DK says:

    Watercooled powerbutton for faster startups

  10. ice wizard says:

    JUST OVERCLOCK THAT……..manage say

  11. 1:02 should have been "stings like a scorpion", lol

  12. Rat says:

    tbh it looks cool

  13. ANO Playz says:

    I get the same thing when i shut down my pc

  14. Cult Of J says:

    Waiting for liquid nitrogen cooled ram and gpu…

  15. can we get a rgb cpu next please

  16. Could anyone tell me which laptop Linus is using at 0:34 ?

  17. MAKAROV M says:

    we definitely need small liquid cooling designs for laptops

  18. MAKAROV M says:

    I really hope that RGB shitty trend dies asap alongside Fortnite players.

  19. Dan Gogh says:

    Stop waiting for liquid cooled pillows

  20. Wow I cant wait for water cooled Linus

  21. Waiting for the water cooled cmos battery…

  22. I just broke mine placing it lol, anyone else ?

  23. Next video is Water cooling cables

  24. So y'all been cooling your memory?

  25. That transition tho
    I want to see a video can you cook an egg on top of a overclock CPU

  26. sauc3y 1o1 says:

    1:10 origin is a little too early

  27. Dee Winn says:

    He was so excited when he made that sponsor transition lol

  28. Yo try water-cooling water like putting some ice little ice it will boost ya performance by 50% I try it and my thread ripper got to a 30 degree

  29. Andrew Baker says:

    I mean, they DO look cool at least.

  30. khaled ahmid says:

    Best ???
    TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 16gb 3600
    Xpg adata 16gb
    SPECTRIX D60 3600

  31. And now ladies and gentlemen. Officially Linus has now water-cooled himself in his Latest video (as of 9/27/20)

  32. Chum Dog says:

    I need a watercooled monitor stand

  33. EggyRepublic says:

    I'm waiting for water cooled RGB strips.

  34. wardwyseur says:

    this makes sense, make ram hotter with rgb, then cool it with watercooling… just buy non rgb crap

  35. "Stings like a jellyfish"

    Moral of the story: Become a jellyfish.

  36. Taimoor Shah says:

    Linus knows shit, he just want to act tough because he runs a channel.

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