Minecraft 1.13+ Cave Spider Grinder Tutorial | Simple, Easy, Efficient

July 3, 2018 by 35 Comments

this is a video that will teach you how to make an effective, efficient, and easy cave spider / poison spider farm. i have done a few other designs that are pretty similar, but this is the cheapest design and this design will work in 1.13. This design will work on both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

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Items Needed – 1:43
Finding the Spawner – 2:44
Digging the Spawner Room – 3:20
Digging the Grinder point – 5:23
Hopper & Staircase setup – 6:45
Water & Finishing up – 8:44








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35 Replies to “Minecraft 1.13+ Cave Spider Grinder Tutorial | Simple, Easy, Efficient”

  1. Juanvi Rossi says:

    latest version isnt ideal for this, its a good starting point but the spiders can still hit you and the xp doesnt get through the stairs

  2. THUG LIFE says:

    is it working in minecraft 1.14.4

  3. camdeenplayz says:

    me too shooks 😀

  4. Gar Nelson says:

    I made one of your other designs first, using a very expensive nine hoppers and water sources all across the step-down. I like this much better! Two water sources on the step-down funneling spiders and drops to the single hopper. One change I made was to use a half slab directly above the hopper. I can stand on the double chest and collect all the dropped XP without needing to move. Spiders and XP all come to me. 🙂

  5. This is awesome. I have a spider spawner in a mineshaft I found under my house digging my mining tunnels. So now I just head down there at night and load up on levels. Took me a while to get the hopper to work because I assumed the nozzle would connect to the chest automatically so I wasn't facing the right way when I placed it. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for the longest and died a couple of times trying to fix it once I did figure it out but I got it up and running eventually and now it's like ENCHANT ALL THE THINGS.

    Now to find enough diamonds for a set of armor. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. what do u do if if find 2 same spawners that 6 blocks apart?

  7. Thanks! Just found one super close to my base AND a zombie spawner. Already found a skelly!

  8. Update: i made this today and am here to proclaim: it still works in 1.15.1 Java

  9. …why cant i find an AUTO cave spider grinder? i dont exactly need xp, i want the drops :/

  10. Jakob Ninn says:

    does this work in 1.15?

  11. Morilin says:

    omg; dude I was building mine while watching this, right? but I was on peaceful. Got to the end and realized I had placed the stairs in the wrong place, damnit, gotta move them.
    But; I forgot to redo the slabs.
    Cue me going onto easy – and watching three spiders spawn and head right for my stupid face. Dx

  12. God damn wattle's voice used to sound different

  13. MINER CRAFT says:

    And the pe edition ?

  14. cam brown says:

    did everything right I thought but nothing is going into the hopper. I think it has something to do with the water because I'm using a shader snd it's hard to see the water

  15. Netwicks says:

    If I don't want the items can I just not put the hoppers there ?

  16. VernonRD says:

    I cant take my exp :/

  17. Does it works on PE???

  18. You can throw in a snow golem suspended by a lead near the front to aggro the spiders into falling into the pool. It'll stop them from climbing into a corner, and won't steal any kills, since snowballs deal no damage to anything that isn't a blaze

  19. John Ostar says:

    Hey. Great tutorial. Where can I get that viewer tool you show at 2:45?

  20. Do we have to use the iron trapdoors?

  21. Wow your way of talking is weird back then

  22. If they can hit you then you did it wrong…

  23. Best roundup technique and explaination I've used yet! Thank you for this

  24. HomereQ says:

    i suggest having a flush piston in the wall or the ceiling to turning the spawner off and on

  25. I have only one slight issue with mine. The spiders mass on the box so I have had to remove a trap door and risk getting hit to kill those ones. (It also messes up hopper collection)

  26. CubingB says:

    Just marking my place: 5:00

  27. Oh god bane pf athropods five i feel bad for you

  28. What are the dimensions

  29. F1reDemon says:

    i only had a diamond pic. iron armor and carrots. 2 spawners right next to each other. so many deaths and pain

  30. Stringy. Nice video, I have watched these spawner tutorials about different mobs, all I have built have worked but I have never farmed cave spiders so I must try this! (And find spawner) I have a note, someone commented that cake on top of hopper should make spiders go higher, but give you loot and XP

  31. bibi. says:

    Awn, baby wattles voice

  32. Baby wattles voices !

  33. When I collect the xp they hit me a lot fixes?