1.13+ SLIME FARM TUTORIAL | Automatic, Efficient, Surface, Java & Bedrock Edition

August 2, 2018 by 44 Comments

this video showcases a slime farm design that is working in the 1.13 Update Aquatic. this design will also work on the 1.4 / 1.5 update on the Bedrock Edition of the game. this slime farm has a farming mechanism on the surface, using a cactus and an iron golem, to prevent the need to go deep underground to access the farm. the farm is relatively easy to build and is efficient. near the end of the video i get into troubleshooting and super charging the farm.

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Materials – 1:30
Finding – 2:20
Digging – 3:25
Falling / Rising Area – 5:48
Golems below Ground – 7:46
Water Elevator – 10:55
Surface Farm – 12:46
Troubleshooting and Tips – 16:47

Chunkbase: http://chunkbase.com/apps/slime-finder








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44 Replies to “1.13+ SLIME FARM TUTORIAL | Automatic, Efficient, Surface, Java & Bedrock Edition”

  1. wattles says:

    Just to be clear, older farms should still work! This is simply a new concept that utilizes the new water elevators.

    Some improvements as suggested by viewer comments:

    -As many of you have suggested, you can also switch the cactus with magma blocks, and and run hopper minecarts underneath! This will prevent the loss of some slimeballs, thus improving the rates.

    -Utilize sub chunks to cut out a lot of potential digging! If you're unfamiliar with subchunks, do a quick search on it.

    -Stand at the top & use a looting III sword for lots of slime.

  2. How do you do this for console?

  3. Jonas Zajac says:

    are slime chunks more common in swamps?

  4. Ivan Wheeler says:

    Is this still in operation in 1.14.4 or is it not as efficient?

  5. roostern33b says:

    Couldn't you combine this with Chunkbase's water channels up into a water elevator to avoid needing Golems entirely?
    Also do signs block slime's line of sight for aggro?


    Slimes can see through signs.

    Also tried to combine ChunkBase's canals with your elevator idea. The pre-tests are promising to say the least.

    Mine looks like this;

    x = slime chunk.
    > v ^ and < is water flow.
    o = soul sand elevator
    g = potential golem spot

    v < < < < < <
    o ^ x ^
    > > > v g ^ < < <
    v x v o
    > > > > > > ^

  6. Green Log says:

    Can it work in mcpe

  7. Eric Liu says:

    does this work for 1.14.4?

  8. Nivlaccc says:

    Will this work in 1.14

  9. Kiefer says:

    just a tip for anyone building this, on the iron golem chamber I switched the whole block at the top middle for air and on the top right and left corner added full blocks instead of air. This made it so the iron golems were not humping the wall for ages and instead going up the water.

  10. lilhomieking says:

    Does this work still

  11. Does this work in 1.14? i just builded in my server and saw one just when i was building but after that y haven't seen anyone

  12. Maury J says:

    my slimes/slime doesnt see the golems and the dont go for them what should i do ?

  13. I diged first the floor at lever 39 in a slimechunk acording to both chunkbase and mineatlas but there are no slimes spawning, my difficulty is normal

  14. Chunk base be giving me the wrong slime chunk

  15. Death Dragon says:

    Does anyone know if I can use snow golems instead of iron trying to save materials

  16. Jaymelonz says:

    Just a question, but does anyone have a slimeballs per hour count for this farm?

  17. TeraMaster says:

    First rule of Minecraft: Never dig straight down.

  18. This design is still working in 1.4.4?

  19. norkje games says:

    I build this on a multiplayer server 1.14.4 hard mode and evrything works fine i light all up the caves but the slime's spawn very but like very slowly. Have any1 a fix?

  20. Pro-tip! Find a slime chunk that is under water, and then just dig up to the surface. Then all you have to do is plant some seaweed in the center to make source water blocks for your bubble column, instead of meticulously using water buckets to make it. The kelp method has not been patched out in 1.14+, leading me to believe it's not a bug.

  21. If I dont want to light all the caves how high should my afk box be?

  22. Baby slimes get caught in the fences, please help oh and super slime

  23. Can i increase the efficiency of this farm by adding platforms up to y=50? Because I am building mine in a swamp biome where slimes spawn below y=60

  24. Does this still work in 1.14?

  25. Os7 True says:

    The only slime chunk i can find is on top of my guardian farm 🤦

  26. Captain W says:

    is this still works?

  27. Incog says:

    i dug it all out, picked a side but where my soul sand was meant to be, was bedrock

  28. How do you show chunks on bedrock

  29. Dimer says:

    You can use snow golems instead of iron if you are feeling it but the drops while be a little lower

  30. lolololten says:

    how many blox away am I supposed to make my AFK spot?, (the surface is y=71, I built the y=39 layer)

  31. Pepe says:

    my iron golems disappeared

  32. Jake Ryner says:

    how do you find slime chunks

  33. Thomas Paine says:

    Here's some info- in case it isnt below already- in 13.2 ver, i have to carve the pumpkins with shears, then add torch to make jack-o-lantern.
    I put a golem on every floor, so I had to do this: make the golem chamber 3 high, mine out an extra 3 blocks directly above the golem so it can form. Then after placing the jackolantern, you can replace these 3 blocks. Otherwise you can't fit a golem per floor.
    Here's an idea: maybe I will camp out within 32 blocks of the top slime water collector, so they don't despawn? Remove any cactus or magma that kills them auto. While afk fishing. Then at the end of the day, I can kill them with a looting 3 sword, increasing the rates? (ah ok thats in your great notes.)
    I dug out 3 slime chunks in an L shape. It would be nice to put an elevator in the middle of the L, so only one elevator maybe needed !

  34. Thomas Paine says:

    BTW- I dont think slimes will form on glowstone blocks since theyre transparent ? So I used torches.

  35. ishakdapro says:

    Instead of cactus if u dont have can u do magma blocks?

  36. Ayaan Hashmi says:

    everyone: Goolem


  37. BreadGod says:

    Wats the rate

  38. AdamAcre says:

    does this even still work ? lol

  39. Red Madrid says:

    Dug for hours but never worked in the ending … 😭😭,

  40. Temujin O. says:

    Can we use snow golem instead of Iron golem

  41. LeFatso557 says:

    can i use magma blocks instead of cactuses because some slimeballs get destroyed by the cactus

  42. i found a slime chunk i built the whole farm realiing im one chunk off