August 3, 2018 by 35 Comments

here’s 4 more simple update aquatic farms that you can set up in your world to help you do things! this video showcases a zombie farm, a pigmen farm, a podzol farm, and a phantom trap.

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Auto Zombie Farm – 0:46
Zombie Pigmen Farm – 3:13
Podzol Farm – 6:24
Phantom Trap – 8:00

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qGEGna5ux8








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if you see this comment “phantoms are rough”


35 Replies to “4 MORE SIMPLE 1.13 FARMS!”

  1. wattles says:

    If you haven't seen part 1, you should! It's linked in the description & the endslide!

  2. Man can’t wait to get all of the rotten flesh drops

  3. Do you need silk touch or can you use a piston

  4. DJ dog farts says:

    I can’t wait to make a farm with the new berries

  5. Mahad Iqbal says:

    I think water kill pigman

  6. SleepHead says:

    Podzol farm don't works

  7. SlenDerp _ says:

    0:58 How much luck is that!!!

  8. Katya says:

    Nothing spawns in the nearby area (pigman farm on bedrock

  9. Evan1 Ricart says:

    Mec un gros gg à toi je n’aurais jamais pensé à faire une farme à zombi avec les œufs de tortue 😀

  10. Arpeggio says:

    You can make the pig man farm automatic if you do cramming with mine carts

  11. For all these pigman and zombie farms you could use entity cramming with minecarts for the best way of killing mobs just FYI. No need for a crusher or a magma block and is many times faster

  12. Does this work for 1.14?

  13. Soy Soy says:

    wattles is under rated!

  14. Thank you Wattles!👌!

  15. Spade says:

    Zombie and Pigmen Farm you can use a pressure plate to automatically activate the sticky pistons instead of a lever and manually turning it on.

  16. Rama Rebith says:

    How to baby zombie pigman ??

  17. Darren Time says:

    1:03 “zombie walks away LMAO”

  18. Please make a video about how to make XP farms

  19. PorkApple says:

    For the Pigman farm can’t you just use lava instead of water?

  20. SpacedMoth5 says:

    How many of these work on Bedrock edition?

  21. Does the zombie/zombie pigman farm work with only one turtle egg in the middle?

  22. how do you stack the signs like that?

  23. Jahkzy says:

    You need silk touch for all of them. Great

  24. Nice ideas!! For the pigmen farm I did what you did in one of your survival lets play videos and had them come to me and me killing them, but once I get a silk touch enchantment, I'll definitely try the crusher one so they all don't attack me, lol.

  25. Echo Spectre says:

    Does the first one still work

  26. DUSTY MAGE says:

    Why the fuck would I need a zombie… Farm….. I am no. Undead cannibal

  27. Erik Eicke says:

    6:07 do you get xp in that farm with the crusher?

  28. ggs man says:

    Does this still work in 1.14?

  29. VeryKooked says:

    I dunno why you should have a zombie farm though in this design because all you get is rotten flesh and some gold or leather armour. I might change the design so this farm is not afk.

  30. VeryKooked says:

    I saw the comment phantoms are rough

  31. if you want a drowned farm, you can either do the turtle eggs and have some water at the bottom so the zombies drown, or use a zombie spawner. I went afk from my zombie/drowned spawner and got a few tridents.

  32. these are such simple ideas that I would never think of