Adamantium and 60,000 PSI Waterjet vs Knife Proof Bag – LocTote #BeatTheBag #Giveaway

August 17, 2018 by 45 Comments

We couldn’t help but be impressed by this bag. It held up to more tests than I thought it would. get yours here!

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******************* ABOUT THE VIDEO ***********************

We got these awesome LocTote bags and wanted to run them through a series of tests.

So first we needed to create some Adamantium claws and see if the bag could survive. It was a fun DIY project. We used the bag as a tow strap, and a bullet proof vest and did some other cool stuff.

What should we do next?

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45 Replies to “Adamantium and 60,000 PSI Waterjet vs Knife Proof Bag – LocTote #BeatTheBag #Giveaway”

  1. Why am I always the only one to think about what if they go to cut the strap and pull your bag away from you, but then can’t. Now you are face to face with some one and their weapon.

  2. I can't believe you don't have a disease yet

  3. shovon says:

    Water jet is stronger than adamantium

  4. No stab test 😔

  5. Rotz224 says:

    what metal are this claws made of?

  6. Xbear says:

    My dog would destroy that in like a half hour

  7. Poorly designed. Doesnt cover enough of the back

  8. Husin Yabäl says:

    Bullshit video

  9. Jonathan Lee says:

    Great, now they’ll just stab me and take the bag

  10. Who’s 350z in the background of the towing scene? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. DIGGER says:

    Nothing's impossible

  12. Poor bag company. This wasn't a great advertisement lol. I don't think overkill is the right word. It's just not really needed in my opinion.

  13. Adan Alonzo says:

    I want claws.please

  14. A karambit is the perfect knife for that. Unless you want me to stab it. I can stab through 18 gage steel with my pocket knife. Combination of I keep my blades well honed, and I'm actually quite strong and fast. Also it's a very hard steel. 9cr18mov.

  15. No. I can cut through steel cable. Not easy, but I can. Need a specially modified blade though. Semi flamberge edged bowie

  16. John John says:

    Why if someone has a knife would they not just hold you up and take your bag?

  17. I've got some ideas for things to cut.
    1) Graphene
    2) Buckyballs or buckypaper
    3) Transparent Aluminium.
    or- Metallic Glass.
    4)Silicon Carbide
    5) Pig Iron- A good solid piece
    6) a mass quantity of spiders silk.
    7) Kevlar Imbued with nanospheres.

    please and thank you.

  18. Will H says:

    Adamantium isn't real. Cool bag though.

  19. Stick Bush says:

    the bag has found its match… A WAFER JET!!!

  20. vishnu's Web says:

    Its not fucking adamantium

  21. Ani Jp says:

    Hey you know what annoys me is that damm make-up you guys are wearing thats shiss unnecessary you people are dummies what makes you guys think y'all look better or good ?

  22. Cynical Mass says:

    This is so fake lol

    Lick it

  23. Moto Whellie says:

    Adamaniut couldn't be cut water jet but still cool

  24. I have a question I wanna know what the metal u guys used to try to cut the bag

  25. 1:57 shing shing shing shing

  26. Master Vidz says:

    2:41 the way he was looking at his hand 🤣them claws hurt inbetween his knuckles I noticed that was gonna happen as soon as i see that design

  27. But how does it fair against the lick test these are questions we need answers to

  28. n6 z3 says:

    add a graphene layer inside and nothing can get through it

  29. Just a tip, to make those a little bit cooler, and useful(I'm sure you can find uses for them lol), weld some kinda brace out of round bar to attach to it to keep it from rolling. Like a cage over your hand

  30. ItsAJoeyBeat says:

    Synched is so a nice word

  31. DouglAsshat says:

    Yo, cut rolls of coins longways

  32. ENZO CR says:

    Like si hablas español y no entiendes ni verga el video ni con subtituloss

  33. I forgot how dumb you guys could be =)

  34. Adamantium breaks vibranium

  35. Adamantium isn’t real

  36. It is not real adiantum adiantum is as strong as vibranium

  37. I thought adamantium is a fictional object gotta be fake but if it’s real where u got it

  38. Just a question.. a dumb question… if it can withstand a knife.. how come the manufacturer were able to cut the materials to make this bag? 😁

  39. Is that real andimantium

  40. Instructions unclear; waterjet my arm off.