AUTOMATIC KELP FARM TUTORIAL | 1.13.2, Compact, Full Auto, Simple

August 9, 2018 by 29 Comments

This video is a short tutorial on an automatic kelp farm design. This farm can easily be expanded, both horizontally and vertically. The Kelp farm is fully automatic and fairly compact. The design should be compatible with both bedrock and java edition. The tutorial was shot on Java Edition on version 1.13.









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29 Replies to “AUTOMATIC KELP FARM TUTORIAL | 1.13.2, Compact, Full Auto, Simple”

  1. wattles says:

    What else do you want a tutorial on?

  2. Mattrick73 says:

    Wow almost 13k subs. Moving up quick. Hey what part of the world are you from?

  3. youngchap says:

    Can you make a cow farm tutorial

  4. Can you do a tutorial on a submarine

  5. Great explanation! I don't know how to make the observer but I was going to look it up anyway.

  6. Danny Lewis says:

    I was shocked at how few subscribers you had… So I subscribed. Great videos

  7. Akmalin says:

    Can I use this way to farm sugar cane?

  8. Toby Fungus says:

    Is the sticky piston necessary? I think a regular piston without a block would work just fine

  9. Kruncky says:

    I think you can make it a bit more compact and modular. In fact I just made a tutorial doing just that!

  10. Just a variant of the standard sugarcane garvesting system.

  11. You are the most useful son of a *** in the whole while world (and ilmango)

  12. Pa3kWS says:


  13. Make sure to add a manual trigger for your piston; there's a 1/25 chance that your kelp plant will stop growing before hitting the observer.

    ETA: Explanation for anybody curious: When a kelp piece is planted, it receives a random age from 0 to 24, and each time it grows, the new piece has an age of n + 1 for a max of 25. When a kelp piece is broken, the piece below it receives a new random age. So even if you plant your seeder kelp with an age of 0, it will receive a new age each time the farm fires. If its age changes to 24, you'll need to manually trigger the farm, because it will never grow beyond the piston.

    Really the only way to figure out if it's stopped growing is to check your kelp's age periodically (either that, or check the drops at regular intervals and notice whether it's stopped producing). You'll need to either stare down at the top piece of the stalk or build some sort of access, like a trap door or a fence gate, so that you can look at the seeder kelp at the bottom. But neither that nor the manual trigger should be very difficult to add.

    As much as I'd love a maintenance free farm, part of me is glad that this isn't as much of a "set it and forget it" farm as other full auto farms. It's easy to get complacent and take your stuff for granted. Well, until some random creeper decides to give you a wake up call.

  14. Why had I never thought of this. You’re a revolutionary my friend ❤️

  15. Thanks brother for sharing – super simple and efficient !!!

  16. Can I make it realllllllyyyyyy long

  17. springtrap says:

    can you do one on a one colum elevator like mumbo jumbos base elevator i cant figure it out

  18. Nils says:

    Thanks! After a couple of measures to improve cost-efficiency, I managed to get my own design working, thanks to you!

  19. I have a 25 slime balls :3

  20. can you show a video how you make this do more than 2?

  21. This still works in 1.15 I just tried it out

  22. escaping not excaping

  23. Liam Dun says:

    why does this guy say megma and not magma?

  24. Albert Gucor says:

    This workd in 1.16 beta for those people wondering

  25. Can I use barrels instead of chests??
    Please I want ur answer…

  26. If you find kelp, then of course there will be sand

  27. rly like that intro

  28. i was so lucky to find slimeballs. there was a slime in a ravine,so i killed it