BEDROCK 1.11+ Melon / Pumpkin Farm Tutorial | Automatic, Expandable

August 29, 2018 by 34 Comments

Hello everybody. This video serves as a tutorial for a fully automatic melon or pumpkin farm that works on Bedrock edition 1.5 & 1.6. Last week I put out a tutorial on a very similar design. That design however is only for Java Edition. This design is for Bedrock Edition. (pe, windows 10, ect.) This farm is expandable and easy to set up. This video was shot on Windows 10. If you are looking for a Java Edition tutorial of this farm, it will be linked below the timestamps.

What you Need – 1:40
Building the Auto Farm – 2:36
Railway & Cart Stopper – 4:50
Automatic Dispenser – 6:31
Elevator & Final Collection – 7:00
Extra Notes – 8:21

A Special thanks to MrKisdUrSistr#7638 for showcasing the original Java Edition farm to me.

A Special thanks to Zap113 for the automatic dispenser setup →

1.13 Melon / Pumpkin Farm Java Edition Tutorial →

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34 Replies to “BEDROCK 1.11+ Melon / Pumpkin Farm Tutorial | Automatic, Expandable”

  1. Anti Bull says:

    Couldn’t you run the track underneath the farmland “line” and block the farmed block inside? That way it’s not two wide and could fit behind a window?

  2. Rob_In says:

    Wattles,can you make afk fish farm for minecraft bedrock edition??? Plzzzz😊😊

  3. Potatospy59 says:

    do you have to have the water elevator? could you gust hook up the end hopper to a chest or storage system?

  4. Sean Que says:

    Wattles i just made a compact version of the farm

  5. Diyamund says:

    on the skins page if you press the guy with no skin it will open up a windows explorer window and you can find your skin there and it'll load

  6. So this setup will also work with java edition right?

  7. SavageCraft says:

    So idk if there was an update or not, but on bedrock for me when a piston pushes in front of an observer it keeps updating like a clock bc the observer is watching the piston extend counting it as an updated block

  8. Noah Ducote says:

    Does this work on PS4 edition? Having trouble figuring out if ps4 is java or bedrock?

  9. Kaged_Gaming says:

    Thank You So Much… I've been need something like this for a while, so thank you.

  10. Dan Price says:

    I would set the observer behind the stem (because when the stem updates, it triggers the observer), have 2 pieces of redstone going from the observer to the piston and done. You can even chain it as long as you want, alternating observer and piston down the line and redstone from beginning to end. It'll cover the water, which has a spread of 5×5 from the middle and can be utilized every 5th block from the first placement (3rd in), and make the build more compact in width. Thus eliminating the excess and saving resources.

    I have a hopper clock (not Ethos) set to engage the pistons every 20 minutes and a row of stems along the opposite edge. Hopper minecart runs under the length and drops items into a small row of hoppers into a double chest. On the opposite side, I have a farm with water flow to harvest and pushes them down into the same minecart system.

    It's moderately technical, but also set it and forget it mostly. Not as efficient as observers, but I didn't have any at the time of this build.

  11. sleepy panda says:

    love the observer stabilizer

  12. MEF says:

    Thank you for this. I saw your other video (the Java version) and didn't realize why my pistons wouldn't fire when a pumpkin spawned. I see in this one you have the observers looking at the pumpkin location instead of the stalk. Can't wait to try it out.

  13. Y did it not work when I trued it with melon (I only did the very first bit none of the tracks or anything)

  14. Mario Velez says:

    Use packed ice so the ice doesn't melt

  15. Zeke Lance says:

    Okay first of all THANK YOU for the observer stabalizer. Ive been trying forever to figure out observer micro farms

  16. Milan!! XD says:

    thanks for sharing your design! if I haven't found this video, I would have used my old farm design with a fuk ton of hoppers. saved me some iron :p

  17. Kayden Stuff says:

    I'm confused about the bubble elevator, couldn't you just place a hopper into a chest at the end of the rails and have a hopper minecart dispense it in there? The bubble elevator just feels really unnecessary

  18. Do it works on watermelons too???

  19. So you don’t have to build the item evaluator? That’s good because I didn’t want to build it underground since my farms will all be on the surface.

  20. Carlos_Plays says:

    I love this design; I've used it multiple times in my survival worlds.

  21. I hate Minecraft now because I can only play it on my phone which is bedrock version and when I tried this it didn’t work then when I did some more research more redstone powered things don’t work because even after it’s been on the App Store for almost 7 years they won’t add in everything the computer has because less people play it on phones

  22. popturt fart says:

    If your having a problem where it doesn’t work I can be of assistance

  23. Daradekiy says:

    Thanks, now i can finaly make an farm on mcpe with this setup 😀

  24. popturt fart says:

    I’ve found a way simpler yet slightly more expensive because of an item and a lot more effective way of fixing the infinite loop if anyone needs me to make a video and post it I can do that later

  25. りょうと says:

    Just wondering how many pods of this farm can you have? (gg)

  26. Thank you so much i couldn't figure out the stabilizer ur da best!!!

  27. Gamer Sports says:

    Just a heads up I probably would put glow stone near crop to make sure it works!

  28. I can't get the hopper to drop items into the dispenser, help please, also my minecart keeps stopping at the end of the rail and doesn't move anymore even with the hopper not full?
    EDIT: Nvm I found out you have to face the direction you want the hopper to dispense items it doesn't orient itself, and nvm about the minecart it's working now I realized it was because the hopper had something in it, I know you said that part lol

  29. POLKA VIRUS says:

    Does this still work on bedrock?

  30. There is a smaller version in bedrock rn

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