Drowned Farm Tutorial | Simple, Auto or Semi Auto

August 14, 2018 by 28 Comments

today, after weeks of work, i have a drowned farm tutorial for you. this farm is relatively easy to build. the rates of this farm are by no means as good as the larger drowned farms (like docm77’s) but you can get tridents from this thing, with a bit of patience. this could also be a nice way to collect the nautilus shells you may want. the farm can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic, with you killing the drowned yourself. this farm should work on both the Java Edition as well as the Bedrock Edition of the game. this tutorial was shot on the java edition in the 1.13 update.

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Materials Needed – 1:40
Location & Prep – 2:39
Lower Farm – 4:19
Item Collection – 6:34
Finishing Up the Lower Portion – 8:18
Villager Holding Box – 9:39
Villager – 11:13
Final Touches – 12:37
Troubleshooting, Rates, & Other Info – 14:27








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28 Replies to “Drowned Farm Tutorial | Simple, Auto or Semi Auto”

  1. wattles says:

    Again, if you're looking for something with super great rates, I recommend checking out ilmango or docm77.

    Happy trident hunting!

  2. Worked great, even in 1.16, 1 nautilus shell in the first 10 minutes

  3. renee says:

    I just put the villager in in creative bc I'm lazy lol

  4. Zach Ibrahim says:

    I'm so sad I accidentally stepped on my egg

  5. Jack Carroll says:

    Will this work on 1.16?

  6. K-dis Boher says:

    laughs in zombie spawner

  7. Use kelp to turn it into water sources

  8. xevx jakub says:

    i t doesnt wooooooooooooork mannn

  9. Does this work in 1.16

  10. Can we use turtle eggs instead of villagers?

  11. aili- says:

    this should be renamed fish farm

  12. Emil K says:

    Why dont use Trappdor instead of turtle eggs?

  13. Ben Harvey says:

    Omg wattles you sound so young here

  14. Charlie TEE says:

    Hey! Thanks for making the tutorial- Does anyone know if it works in 1.16?

  15. bulit this and all it gets me is 3 fish per hour

  16. Sayooj Nair says:

    How the hell are you gonna get a villager spawn egg on a server????

  17. how do you make the hopper move around the rails?

  18. I built it in 1.16 and it doesn't work and I'm just so sad idk what to do that was like all my resorses when I finished building it I read the comments and none said in 1.16 drowned wont detect villagers and I was like crying

  19. zero orange says:

    Poor villager ,he's a slave

  20. zabinka_ says:

    I found great drowned chunk and i will build this thx

  21. ZeroSphere says:

    Does this work in 1.16?

  22. Does this still work in 1.16?

  23. This dont work in 1.16 for those who wanna do this

  24. Necrozain says:

    Can you use a turtle egg instead of a villager?