In The Lab

Just trying out a new format. Kind of relaxing.


Where I keep the pics:
Philly D’s Secret Link of the Day:


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25 Replies to “In The Lab”

  1. Legit I would watch a photoshop course for a him with memes as example.

  2. Jake says:

    That outro bahahahaba God damn

    Fucking Jimmy so fuckin funny bro

  3. Internet Historian had to be a former graphic designer /illustrator who was paid by the hour, and said: Fuck it I make that for myself on youtube.

  4. Idoyt says:

    Do you speedrun photoshop?

  5. Benediction/Anathema….wow that is a blast from the past! From when I was still a smooth skin.

  6. dejv says:

    Have you considered doing a photoshop tutorial on stream?

  7. beetmasteraz says:

    I watched jimmy neutron last night. Dang Google spying on me. Putin this in my suggestions.

  8. this is art in it's finest form

  9. damyr says:

    WTF did I just watch???

  10. Light Echo says:

    Helen mirren is a g.o.a.t….

  11. I gotta learn how to photoshop xD

  12. Jon dow says:

    The people outraged about this book must hate the movie Insidious.

  13. Some good science going on here

  14. Andrew Trout says:

    "I will make a video on TanaCon."
    – Posted 2 years ago

  15. Hymmnos says:

    This shit looks like its sped up 5x with all the PS controls.

  16. Doulest says:

    wheres the tanncon vid, bro?

  17. Aaron Curley says:

    Can you please do a few more videos like these? I found this to be hilarious.

  18. There's always a god damn train!

  19. Very inspiring video!

    Now I also want to art.

  20. Pallomember says:

    Ngl that alligator is just awww

  21. Kyle Hankins says:

    One of the great artists of our time

  22. "I wouldn't butt chug him if he had chocolate diarrhea" – Santa

  23. Amadetto says:

    The sound of IH’s keyboard makes me wanna come……..come to JESUS

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