Program a NodeMCU to Detect Wi-Fi Jamming [Tutorial]

August 20, 2018 by 42 Comments

How to Detect Wi-Fi Jamming with NodeMCU & Breadboard
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 028

With a NodeMCU, breadboard, RGB LED, Micro-USB cable, and some jumper cables and resistors, as well as the Arduino Integrated Development Platform software, you can program a way to give visual indications of a present Wi-Fi jamming attack on the network. Make sure to watch the video and check out the full article on Null Byte for an in-depth explanation of how this works and how to set it up.


NodeMCU ESP8266:
Solderless Breadboard with Jumper Wires:
Micro-USB Cable:

Parts above were used in this guide, but you can get them from anywhere for even less if you’re on a budget.

To learn more, check out the article:

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42 Replies to “Program a NodeMCU to Detect Wi-Fi Jamming [Tutorial]”

  1. FIRST!!! I like your channel 😉

  2. I'm learning so much, thanks!

  3. Sheeraz Ali says:

    Hey make a video about Bluetooth hacking

  4. FixER 0deYz says:

    I have learned many things in this channel
    This channel is really awesome

  5. Gadd Helloo says:

    Please PMKID wifi attack

  6. Pls can you drop a link where one can buy all those external network adapter you used for one of your video: Ethical hacking with Raspberry pi B+

  7. very Frozen says:

    You could achive this by downloading a jammer detector on your phone

  8. Droggel-Bot says:

    Aren't the resistors just bypassed if they are in the same row? Or did I not see this correctly, kinda hard to tell in the video…

  9. Dave says:

    you have the coolest vids!

  10. U have really good content, but the reason ur channel hasn't grown is due to its name, people search hacking or hacker in YouTube which pops up shit content but u guys have potential knowledge for many people who are unaware of it

  11. Joao Freitas says:

    Great video! Is nice to see Ethical Hackers and Security part of the community to also use simple eletronics to solve and do some useful devices. The device is simple but I do think that you code is a bit messy! But there's a good job here congratulations. Im an Eletronics Technician and I'm going to course Eletronics Engineering, the next step is add an I2C 16×2 LCD screen so we don't relly on a computer to see the results in the monitor. I'm trying to get some knowledge about security. Thanks for all the knowledge! Regards from Portugal!

  12. Someone says:

    Thank you once again…😇

  13. Root says:

    Nice but as you sayed this can be tricked. If you attack a specific device (deauth) it wont detect anything… but hey its easy and will work on most cases 🙂

  14. Luca says:

    Pls video about raspberry pi 3

  15. No dude, You didn't wire up the resistors correctly. They shouldn't be in the same row. if so then the rows are already short circuited and there is no point of having a resistor in the same row to limit the current flow.

  16. Boti Ollé says:

    The resistors won't do anything when connected to the same row!

  17. It would be better and smarter if you would blink the red led in case a lot of deauthent packages are send.

  18. Could you help me with something I think is weird? OK so ever now and then, I opened cmd, I typed NET VIEW and all the computers that were on at the time showed up. But now when I do the same thing, one computer is not showing up?! Could that mean it's hacked, or somthing?!

  19. Jeremy says:

    This seems like it detects connectivity issues more than jamming. Unless I'm thinking about this wrong it's going to blink red regardless of the reason you aren't connected..

  20. Jeff Millen says:

    This video couldn't have better timing. I had some left over breadboard I was gonna give away but now I found something interesting to do with them! Thanks!

  21. Thanks for showing my request . Love ur channel 😉

  22. But this isn't detecting Wi-Fi jamming or any sort of attack.
    It is just indicating if it can connect or not. Put something in between it and the router, like distance or a metal cage, and it will "detect Wi-Fi jamming". See the issue? This is like saying that a desk lamp is a power outage/surge detector.
    I assumed this to be a how-to to setup a listening(monitoring) device that detects the actual jamming packets. Instead it's a small "desk lamp" that spams my router log.

  23. Hi Kody, technically resistors are required, not because you may have a "fragile LED" but because the current needs to be limited to prevent either the LED burning out, or worse, damaging the ESP8266. It's worth noting that not all RGB LEDs are common cathode like yours, some are common anode, and viewers should make sure they buy the correct one if building this circuit. Finally, it sounds like you are saying "Ardreeno", I think it's pronounced "Ardweeno". That said, keep up the vids, I do find them useful and educational. Thank you

  24. Fs0c1ety_BS says:

    Do a video for krack exploitation please…….

  25. Hey null byte are you using Semicode OS?? Nice tutorial btw😊
    My windows 10 and kali Linux both aren't detecting my wifi adapter what to do buddy?? I have been facing this for 3-4 days..I dont know what happened how it happened, windows 10 detects it sometimes but it doesn't work..and if i check network devices in my device manger its not is it hardware problem ? My adapter is mot connected/attached properly to motherboard etc…. Thank you😉

  26. rockySTAR010 says:

    Hey man please make video on pmkid

  27. Arduino has pull-up and pull-down resistors build into the board (look if NodeMUC has one too and you can use the function INPUT_PULLUP or INPUT_PULLDOWN). Then you don't have to use resistors on led's. 2. you could use one resistor from ground (on the led) to the NodeMCU (GND) because you are still limitting the resistance.

  28. ItsYoBoyJay says:

    Can you please make a video on how to hack windows 10

  29. Slade Wilson says:

    Cool tutorial.
    You should make tutorials on MITM attacks also because the old MITM attacks aren't working.

  30. Firstly, i absolutely love your channel. Ive been in IT and Telecoms for about 9 years but have only just decided to get into Cyber Security. ( i should of done it sooner tbh). Anyway!!! I have a question. Do i need a Linux Machine to Ethically hack? Or can i do all of this from my Windows 10 machine? thanx Kody, keep up the fantastic work dude. all the best. Rich

  31. makes some video of how to get the suspension of an online game. how to remove ban in an online game. Examples (Gta v / CsGO / PUBG / ETc)

  32. So can I has hacks? I need hacks plz

  33. Eric Krauss says:

    Can you save its report in say nano? so if your wifi was hacked or jammed but you did not see the light change (coffee brake). You can still see when it happen and howlong it lasted for.

  34. pls bro dont ignore make linux mint turotial

  35. RZX says:

    I might use this to my advantage I will configure my router to only use Ethernet so I can plug in a node mcu and make the antenna strong when deauth hits the WiFi it automatically turns off

  36. Ken Dy says:

    font name thumbnails?

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