Set Up Aliasing in Your Mac’s Bash Profile for Easier Wi-Fi Packet Captures [Tutorial]

August 6, 2018 by 30 Comments

How to Capture Packets with Shorter Commands on a MacBook
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 027

Sniffing Wi-Fi packets on a macOS computer can be a pretty annoying experience even with third-party tools like Wireshark that give you a whole lot of information. It turns out, though, that macOS has its own set of tools that are pretty useful for sniffing Wi-Fi packets. However, the terminal strings to use them are monstrously long. We’ll show you how to shorten these into manageable shorter commands with aliasing on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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30 Replies to “Set Up Aliasing in Your Mac’s Bash Profile for Easier Wi-Fi Packet Captures [Tutorial]”

  1. e4r says:

    I'm a centipede

  2. 4th XD

    And there's a spelling mistake in your title btw

  3. Dave says:

    omg, I have the same fake plant behind your cat pics! I keep it in my downstairs shitter to look classy. Can you do monitor mode with 3rd party wifi adapters with native OSX tools?

  4. When are you guys publishing more about the Raspberry Pi series?

  5. Xeb says:

    Can you not just *ln* the *airport* binary directly to somewhere like /usr/local/sbin or add it to path??

  6. Yesterday. says:

    Device hack please 🔵

  7. K S M says:

    Pretty good video brother

  8. Hey guys! I'm working in replicating the airport tool that you use here and it is open source. I'd appreciate if you checked it out and if you can contribute to it. Together we can make a better tool than the one found in macOS. Here's a link for the GitHub repository:

  9. Bo4ken says:


  10. Musaab Osman says:

    Can you tell us about the apps you got on your mac? Those icons in the top right look interesting.

  11. I would suggest 3 things.
    First, as has been suggested, add /usr/local/sbin to PATH
    Second, replace the channel number with $1, which causes the bash to look for the first argument behind the command. So you only have one command instead of an extra alias for each channel.
    In the terminal, for example, you write"<command/alias> 4".

    And third, you can edit the sudoers file and, for example, share the commands from /usr/local/sbin without a password. You still have to write sudo.

  12. Justin says:

    Hi! great video! i think it whould also be cool if you could do a vid on Social Mapper. it uses facial recognition to search for people on social media.

  13. John Robson says:

    I have been following and learned a lot with your tutorials.
    However I have a question.
    You know you're tired of just testing in virtual environment using virtualbox.
    How do I do such tests over the internet?
    I know I need to use my public IP.
    Do a port fowarding

  14. Eyyub Aydin says:

    Can you show us the new pkmid attack?

  15. The Gever says:

    which computer are you using????

  16. Benasin says:

    Can you make a video about encryption and how encryption works ? Thanks a lot.

  17. High says:

    Please never stop publishing videos!
    We newbies need to learn too

    P.s please make kali linux videos

  18. Gadd Helloo says:

    Please make a tutorial on how to hack wifi using PMKID

  19. Matos. says:

    can someone explain to me what exactly the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 's purpose is? can you just have a wireless adapter plugged in? what does having the raspberry pi provide, and why do u need a small keyboard/mouse combo as well as a rubber ducky???? ii thought directly plugging in a wireless adapter to your laptop would enable you to perform wifi attacks , etc. someone please help me understand i cant seem to figure it out

  20. Make a video on WPA 2 Enterprise cracking (802.1x), Will be waiting to get updated 🙂

  21. You can put something like this in your .bashrc
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/libexec/
    export PATH=$PATH:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/A/Resources/
    then you can just type: airport and it will be ther…

  22. If you are using Mojave version use the following: To perform packet capture using TCPDUMP

    tcpdump -I -P -i en1 -w /tmp/channel-11.pcap

    you should use control+c to terminate capture

    Command to open pcap file on wireshark

    wireshark -r /tmp/(filename)

    After all this you will be able to see frame details in wireshark

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