The Workstation of the Future is HERE! – Threadripper 2nd Gen

August 13, 2018 by 31 Comments

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Threadripper 2 is NOT the future… It’s here TODAY. AMD has brought high core counts into the mainstream, and there isn’t an end in sight. Have we entered a new golden age of computing?

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31 Replies to “The Workstation of the Future is HERE! – Threadripper 2nd Gen”

  1. Now I know when Linus said "future" he meant exactly 1 year.

  2. Activate Windows or Destroy Windows

  3. SoylentGamer says:

    rip X399 upgrade path dream

  4. Yuyao Huang says:

    Linus: gets an op processor

    Also Linus: talks about things that have nothing to do with it and things I don't understand cuz I'm a dumbass and at this point I don't even know what I'm talking about so I'm just gonna stop talking

  5. absurd says:

    has $1.8k cpu
    doesnt activate windows

  6. Imagine him opening the box

  7. YamiPoyo says:

    Ever since your vids started ive tried to work for memory express but i cant get them to hire me.

  8. YamiPoyo says:

    2:19 why the eff is the cooler installed wrong?

  9. ArrantChip says:

    I don't want you to get rid of the beard but if you must, please redo the intro. Actually just do a whole video like that.

  10. Mike Hare says:

    You ride a bike with sandals on… your a brave man.

  11. 16:13 you see the mark
    of non-pay windos

  12. Hmmm nice unactivated windows you have.

  13. Of coarse this man upgraded to the next gen

  14. The way you pronounce "Phenom" makes me want to rip my brain out of my head.

  15. Simon Wu says:

    No socks and sandals = Fake Linus

  16. Turret says:

    I'm still gonna get it for gaming

  17. toshi k2 says:

    Can't freaking seem to find them to buy anywhere right now.

  18. Mr Rakeeb says:

    0:38.. Linus whatcha talking about!?😶

  19. i love how over the top the packaging is

  20. undgs1225 says:

    help i need 970 subscriber…

  21. Hoverbike says:

    I had my suspicions, but it wasn't until I saw Linus rode a crotch rocket, before I realised he is homosexual.

    So now the real question is: is he the pin, or the cushion?

  22. Sylvia Park says:

    ෆයිව්ටයිඩ් සිව්වන කූඩාරම දැනටමත් ඉදිරිපස මේසය මත තබා ඇති අත් පා මතට ​​යොමු කළේය

  23. Chris Gray says:

    I have one of these with no idea what to do with it… what is it worth now realistically

  24. Plake Plays says:

    im still waiting for NCIX to make a vid

  25. JohnDoesTech says:

    People on YouTube :Please I need money I have a intel core 2 duo and 1 gigabytes of ram. And they Comment from a AMD Threadripper 2 and 4x RTX Titans

  26. Gom Har says:

    if linus time travelled today, the first thing he would notice is the activate windows

  27. Thanks AMD for lowering prices of Threadripper 2 I got my 32 core for rendering at 700$!

  28. na says:

    Ooh an sv650s.. I own one of those!

  29. J C. says:

    Does that 48 bit toolkit work with our 64 bit operating systems?

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