1.13.2+ BLAZE FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, Java & Bedrock, Step by Step

September 19, 2018 by 20 Comments

This video is a step by step tutorial on how you could go about setting up a blaze farm in Minecraft. This design will work on the latest versions of both Java Edition 1.13+ (1.13.2) and Bedrock Edition (1.6). The design is nothing new, this is a standard blaze farm setup. I am therefore not the original designer of this farm.

Materials to Gather – 1:05
S1 Top Room Setup – 2:15
S2 Lower Top Room – 3:38
S3 Pyramid – 4:55
S4 Pistons – 6:10
S5 Redstone Wiring – 8:00
S6 Activation – 8:35
S7 Finishing Touches – 9:10
S8 Grinding – 9:55
S9 Working Farm – 10:45
S10 AFK Area – 11:54
Things to know – 12:32

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20 Replies to “1.13.2+ BLAZE FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, Java & Bedrock, Step by Step”

  1. wattles says:

    Here’s an improved & highly requested updated tutorial for a blaze farm! Like I said in the video, the design is nothing new. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. Obolikus says:

    If you build the upside piston pyramid one block closer to the spawner and raise the AFK spot slightly, you can afk the farm without moving.

  3. Jazzy Lev says:

    Just realizing how necessary of a change the 1.14 netherrack was after being reminded by the beginning of this video.

  4. Blazes: exist
    wattles: sTiCkY pIsToN

  5. With the 1.16 snapshot, would lava be a more simpler version of rounding up the blazes? correct me if i'm wrong but its just a thought.

  6. Salty-Snail says:

    it works even 1.15.2!!!

  7. Does this work in 1.15.2?

  8. Rodeo Bodeo says:

    This work for 1.15?

  9. Doesnt work in 1.15

  10. jovi_al says:

    U only have to run 128 blocks but ye

  11. Crackers0106 says:

    Wattles sounds different in this video.

  12. Can’t wait to try this out. Big Thanks!

  13. dayt0n says:

    Works perfectly as of 1.16 in bedrock. Cheers for the amazing farm!

  14. Still works in 1.16 Bedrock players 😎

  15. adisbern says:

    rip the slimeballs.

  16. Kevin T says:

    Just used it again. Again and again and again. Thank you.

  17. Paul Lucey says:

    Works in 1.16.4