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HI! Welcome to a mini series in which I will be going over simple farms that will work and help you out in 1.13. Each “Episode” may have a central theme. Today’s theme is crop farms. I showcase Sugarcane, Kelp, Wheat, and a Sea Grass farms this video. What should I do next episode?

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If you see this comment “sea pickles”


23 Replies to “4 EASY 1.13+ CROP FARMS!”

  1. wattles says:

    Do you like this series idea?

    Also the winner of the giveaway has been emailed, check your emails! 🎉

  2. dude you could literally just put observers on top of the pistons smh

  3. TotallyGood says:

    Aaaand the reeds farm doesn't work.

  4. Danzho says:

    People who make farms with a single water source in the center disgust me

  5. Gabby Plays says:

    Not to be mean but I could make different designs and they would only one minute and only include 4 red stone.

  6. My sugarcane farm the pistons just keep pushing on repeat

  7. wattles, I love your voice

  8. does this work in 1.14?

  9. 4:25 under the sand/dirt, you can run a minecart with hopper that goes into a hopper into a chest to solve that

  10. Thanks wattle! Compact farms are my steez!!!👌👍

  11. Game Boys says:

    Do these work in 1.14

  12. KBAT22 says:

    I know an easy kelp that uses no redstone

  13. CROCK FUNNY says:

    Will this work in 1.11.2

  14. I like his lisp. He hides it pretty well but if listen real close you can here it. It gives him more personality than some of the other minecraft youtubers.

  15. Eliana Crino says:

    he is a nerd of minecraft

  16. This is amazing if you play on legacy cuz that will never go past 1.13

  17. I use to use lilypads, had to careful not to hit them since they break easily when hit. Lol 1 of my friends use to use carpet.

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