4 Simple 1.13+ MOB FARMS!

September 26, 2018 by 50 Comments

This video shows off 4 easy mob farms that may be useful to you in your survival worlds! I specify where each farm will work while going over it, but most of these farms work on both the java edition and bedrock edition. This video showcases a simple water trap farm, which can get you fish, a mob crusher, a slime farm, and a drowned farm.

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50 Replies to “4 Simple 1.13+ MOB FARMS!”

  1. Plx tell me the seed on the last farm and the ships location

  2. Bachlavandhi says:

    2:13 "…and the fish is from fish…" Thanks for specifying lol

  3. Any chance for a wither skeleton farm? Having a hard time trying to find something that works on console.

  4. What is a slime chunk anf how do you find one

  5. Make a pressure plate lock trap that has the plates on top of soul sand that drops drowned to target area in pitfall

  6. How do you find a slime chunk in bedrock?

  7. mike dillon says:

    Hey I'm one of your twitter followers as well if you could do a step by step in survival of that last one the drowned farm would really help me a lot.I know that's a lot to ask but you said I could ask.lol.Thanks for all you do man.

  8. Quite nice however what if you took the first farm and combined it the last

  9. Today I learned that fish came from fish

  10. Ryan Tighe says:

    Idk what it is ab u but I just like u. Good vid and subscribed

  11. gloxxic says:

    4:32 maybe you could add some droppers around the magma blocks

  12. Nanoken says:

    Bedrock edition? Nani?!?!

  13. Krodes says:

    I use a cactus instead of magma blocks in the slime farm

  14. Patrick says:

    What’s the best way to get a trident?

  15. bessiebuddy says:

    Bedrock players can use a simple lever activated piston to crush the cows, baby cows are only 1 block tall and will therefore not be crushed by the piston. Make sure to breed all the adults cows so that you keep the farm populated!

  16. The first farm will not work in bedrock. The blocks do not drop through gravel, soul sand or magma blocks.

  17. Random Grimm says:

    Is the slime chunk thing works in the bedrock edition?

  18. Jee Jee says:

    Hi (sorry for my english)

  19. LuckySlimeNL says:


  20. With the slime farm, could you use a snow golem instead?

  21. I didn't know the magma blocks were transparent blocks! I tried to use them in a chicken cooker and all they drops would get lost every time and in a cow cooker and i have to push the drops with water into the hoppers. Is dirt Also a transparent block? I've seen some farms using dirt over some cart system.

  22. TheBiggyBoy says:

    1st farm (Water trap) doesn't work in my case. Hopper (minecart) under magma blocks don't pick up fishes or items.

  23. Kyle Hughley says:

    Wouldnt this all be on creative mode?

  24. Seedaco says:

    It is later game but by adding water to the to of any zombie Spawner you will turn them but you will need to add air boxes

  25. Your traps are pretty expensive

  26. Eric George says:

    how do you identify chunks on xbox?

  27. 10:32 (and I could possibly get "TWIRKING" on that ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 am I the only one noticed that ? 😂😂😂

  28. RoXas 2000 says:

    With the drown farm why not have magma blocks around you so when they swim towards you they get dragged down?

  29. Katya says:

    I made the pigman farm, but nothing is spawning in the nearby area, i’m on bedrock ed.

  30. How do you find a slime chunk

  31. Hhh Egg says:

    Can you make a tutorial of the magma block farm

  32. Matty T says:

    I just realised you can make a land one of the first one with trapdoors

  33. Plz send wattles, how do u know that slime will spawn in that cave that u made? Slime ate hard to find and why does it have to be 39 down!?

  34. NateCove says:

    These farms really stunk
    Plz make something a bit more proffesional!

  35. The cow farm won't work on bedrock because we don't have entity cramming

  36. For the first one what should I really do with the raw fish other than cook it

  37. İ set up cow crusher on bedrock
    They dont thrown outside but even when 35 cow thet dont die

  38. How can you tell what chunk produces slimes? Also, how do you toggle being able to see chunks?

  39. Kartal Kotat says:

    Can you m7x the last one with magma block one and make it an afk farm

  40. SharpshotM16 says:

    Are these Xbox 360 friendly

  41. Suchi playz says:

    Something random lol

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