Conduct OSINT Recon on Domains with Racoon Scanner [Tutorial]

September 10, 2018 by 31 Comments

How to Use Raccoon Scanner to Do Recon on a Domain
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 033

Reconnaissance is the phase of an attack where a hacker sits back and scoped out the target trying to find any vulnerable or weak links that could allow them to craft an easy exploit rather than taking the long way around. This ensures that any attack isn’t up taking unnecessary time and instead is the most efficient one possible to make.

To learn all this information required, you can go a couple different routes and use tools like either Maltego or Nmap but, in general, you’ll run up against either cost issues or time issues using these two tools multi go is somewhat expensive.

Tools like Raccoon scanner are fantastic because they coordinate a whole bunch of different scans all at the same time, conveniently organizing the information into a folder which you can read through at the end, which reads kind of like a report of all the different scans that are coordinated. It also just uses Python so if you have python 3.5 then you’re good to go .


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Mike Bazzell’s “Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information” :


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31 Replies to “Conduct OSINT Recon on Domains with Racoon Scanner [Tutorial]”

  1. Nice video. I like how you explain every detail.

  2. GeisterHebel says:

    Now that's a professional Wallpaper 😉

  3. can you plz make a tut on Mallory on kali i want to maike an access wifi ap.?

  4. Please do a tut on social mapper please huhu lots are having a hard time out there

  5. Mr D says:

    Pls make a video on ss7

  6. The hound says:

    how refreshing is to have and hear a real person speak English and be able to understand it…. no ofende to Dot. People

  7. Hey!!! Bro I have some queries… Can you help me???

  8. V says:

    I had a question, most hacks shown on like wi-fi and pc targeted exploits/hacks are usually on either your own (local) network or just your neighbours' devices. How is it possible for hackers to hack worldwide? Like using metasploit and armitage to get into someone's PC. I know that you'll need the IP adress of x target, is that enough on its own or do you need to port forward to their connection?

  9. an de says:

    cody !!! met you yesterday your vids are cool af when i get my ccns certificate ill be on your level

  10. Hey null byte 🙂 can you make a video about the new PMKID vulnerability?

  11. please make a video on raccoon + eyewitness

  12. melting says:

    Please, i want that wallpaper

  13. Best book about computer hacking link :

  14. Can you make a video on how to configure and use an IMSI catcher please? Thanks!

  15. Joker Clash says:

    Hello Null Byte can you please make a video to explain how to use SigPloiter, it's a SS7 attack framework. Thanks in advance

  16. Can you do a video showing how to install Kali Nethunter on an android phone.

  17. GulfVet213 says:

    Excellent teacher. Well explained

  18. Hellow bro i m new subscriber , can u help me about kali linux

  19. Zeto says:

    Where are you finding all of these hacks you are uploading

  20. jo land says:

    Great channel man!

    I wonder tho if you could do a video on controlling a LED strip with the Mi-Light Wifi iBox2 Controller using the Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero with HTML5 or Python? Some sort of super simple application to turn on/off the lights and pick 3 colors or so.

    The hardware: and and a strip.

    Cheerz and keep up the good work!

  21. Darkspace says:

    I have two questions. Can you not use proxychains and change the last proxy to NOT be a TOR exit node? And also can't you just change proxy in general, when your IP gets blacklisted?

  22. DJ Chesley says:

    Really starting to love your channel

  23. Eli Kirkwood says:

    I find it hilarious that priceline banned you. did they ban your ip address or the specific computer you were on?

  24. More awesome content Kody. Sign up to BAT (Basic Attention Token) and I will tip you for all your content as can others!

  25. sanar boy says:

    where can I get this beautiful wallpaper

  26. NISMO JOE says:

    Did anyone else notice there's a power cord coming from his laptop that's plugged into nothing? Those cats aren't blinking either…

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