Confirming Half-life 3 [Feat. DeSinc]

How to get banned from /r/valve.
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34 Replies to “Confirming Half-life 3 [Feat. DeSinc]”

  1. Jon dow says:

    Hay Valve make HALF-LIFE 3 already it has bean 13 long years you bastards, we have waited long enough!! 👌🤟🤘🤞🤞🎉🎇

  2. Green Ghouls says:

    "4chan is a scary website" m8 it's just an imageboard. That said it's not good for archiving things unless you rely on the unreliable 3rd party archive sites.

  3. Deadspace 4 has a better chance lmao

  4. It's been about two years have any of those redditors seen this video yet ?

  5. lmao people who like stuff are retards

  6. Softan J says:

    I actually work in that office, the picture is real

  7. Yezpahr says:

    11:26 lol… I see what you did there.

  8. If half-life 3 comes out it will be the third game in the half-life cash grab reboot.

  9. mrg rapp says:

    I'did the same post but With different images

  10. Lo and Behold we got Half Life Alex. So Half Life 3rd game confirmed.

  11. thepopo592 says:

    "lets confirm half life 3 is not coming out."

    half life alyx ending: allow me to introduce myself.

  12. Why are they even whispering

  13. I love how he starts whispering as soon as they start to post it like they're being sneaky lol

  14. breen looks like the meme guy that smiles in pain?

  15. Mantis_Riger says:

    Ironically confirmed in 2020.

  16. In the words of Isaac Brock of modest mouse, "he takes more time to make a fake"

  17. Kevin G says:

    Couldnt stop laughing. Actual comment from VNN and valve employee now thats pod racing!

  18. AllThatIsGoo says:

    They made freaking half life 1.5 in vr instead of making half life 3

  19. Mia Lia says:

    A living leek leaking lies of a liquid leak.

  20. Do a rework of the video since half life Alex VR

  21. Light Sage says:

    “It won’t be called half life 3 that’s too obvious” DeSinc knows valve so well he can literally predict what they’re going to do.

  22. Selma Brinx says:

    ValveNewsNetwork is as VIRGIN as anything after 1999 Internet can be.

  23. Half life 3 confirmed 👍 don't worry about it being years later. I mean just this video.

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