The CPU Intel SHOULD have made!

September 10, 2018 by 39 Comments

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The Core i7 8086K is boring… But we couldn’t pass up celebrating the 8086’s anniversary in style. Time for a little DIY action to turn it into a work of art!

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39 Replies to “The CPU Intel SHOULD have made!”

  1. Piotr Sumela says:

    If only you would do it straight… it kinda hurts my "premium" thing. To be fair, never delidded anything, so I have no idea how hard it is to align IHS correctly, but it looks like something what you would buy on aliexpress. Especially on b-rolls ;p

  2. Dreiback says:

    Dude my FX 4100 gets 255°C/491F hot. But just for a few secs but it happens like every minute to every 5 minutes.

  3. Think how much hard with amd processor
    The pins

  4. Sand Sold YT says:

    who ish dat fatt giy

  5. For the optic ray engraving you should have approached JAZZA…though 1 year ago he did not have it…but now he does

  6. BMWeDriver says:

    Hey Linus, nice to see Stuff from Der 8auer in your Videos. Greez from Germany / Weiden i. d. Opf

  7. John Smith says:

    It says 15 oz on the madrinas can not 16. Get rekt Linus

  8. Rickn Moorte says:

    dont we hurt preformance with plastidip? what was the reason for it? was it to just color the pcb?

  9. If you want a summary of the video, press the 8, wait 2 seconds, and then press 9, 3 times consecuently (only for pc users)

  10. gelu714 says:

    Linus Congratulations for your work and for this video I have to say Intel should be ashamed for bad work. You did a job many times better than Intel.

  11. 0:30 is it Linus b**ching or a little kid having a tantrum??

  12. Le Lenny says:

    Gold cpu!! That's cool

  13. @Linus, won't the plastidip peal off when the CPU runs at 80° for a prolonged time?

  14. JL Saibot says:

    When you have a friend who seems to know everything, thats Anthony. 😊

  15. Sean Murphy says:

    When you delid 10000 CPUs and unlock the golden skin

  16. Rigby says:

    When you need an anthony😂

  17. ouimetnick says:

    Any particular reason why the substrate for CPUs and GPUs is always green? Most manufactures can chose what color they want their PCBs to be. Apple for example used to use mostly green PCBs, then they started using blue, and now they use a nice looking matte black finish for their PCBs (and require their suppliers to do the same) I guess it doesn't really matter since the CPU is covered by a heatsink anyways, just curious if there is a technical reason.

  18. Dylan Nelson says:

    God bless anthony. That man is the heart of every oddball hardware thing at LMG

  19. Is the liquid metal that you used Mercury?

  20. Notice TechQuickie shirt

  21. It actually starting to look worse and almost like a cheap plastic toy.

  22. "We are gonna do it the old vasion
    Way ,,

  23. Just lapped and delidded my 8086K yesterday. Been the highlight of my build since it was announced and in my cart. Sure its just a binned chip, but I happily payed the premium to have that beautiful purple box and stable 5.3GHz daily driver.

  24. This is THE BEST cpu. I would put that in a gold/wooden picture frame.

  25. PPD 27 says:

    Logic: Linus wears a techquickie shirt while recording for his own channel and wears a LTT shirt while making videos on his Techquickie channel.

  26. RobFRC says:

    Guess I hit the lottery with my 8086k after watching this and GamersNexus OCing one.

  27. anthony issuch a talented man!

  28. zee anemone says:

    maybe the engraving increased surface area

  29. Amar Jutla says:

    10:21 they predicted the i9 9900K

  30. Creatip says:

    Spend days delidding, gold plating, engraving, turning it into the most beautiful cpu in the world, and… got covered up by the cooler…..

    Seriously tho, intel should have done that, make a custom lid commemorative limited merchandise. It doesn't even have to be a real processor, just a dummy one, for display only.

  31. PixelDoom says:

    Reminds me of a cyrix

  32. 3:45 sponsored by other drink but there is still Pepsi on the table 😅😅😅

  33. dborg says:

    Anthony is a tech wizard already….in a parallel universe he has a RGB beard operated by a better version of corsair icue

  34. TTB Gaming says:

    @Intel 😡🤬

  35. D L says:

    Wait, do you need thermal paste if you have liquid metal on the die?

  36. terra lord says:

    gold is good xd

  37. Dan3a says:

    That ihs does look cool