Upgrading Our WORST Gaming Rigs

September 9, 2018 by 46 Comments

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46 Replies to “Upgrading Our WORST Gaming Rigs”

  1. i like how you just roast these 3 people when they are able to hear you

  2. Linus' friends) mY Pc IS BeTTeR, NO mINe Is!
    me) amateurs
    Linus' friends) what was that punk
    me (pulls out my 10 year old core I3 thats been to Satan many times) amateurs.

  3. i would just like for him to come to my house and review my pc and say its crappy

  4. i watch linus to make my self sad and look at my "decent gaming laptop" its a lenovo ideapad slim 3 but i used to have a laptop with i5 but got oofed

  5. Guys just wanna say I can play tetris at 20 frames

  6. Skull Norse says:

    i can run chrome with 100 tabss

  7. Liam waffles says:

    At least that guy has some grate Pokémon bling

  8. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:

    Linus' Honda: "V-Tec Inside"

  9. courtesy from corsair if frikin fun to say

  10. kitpvp yay says:

    what is linuses actual real PC that he uses every day at this point

  11. Travis Phan says:

    what the heck is your car

  12. Really though who makes it there goal to play more video games

  13. Kurtis T says:

    How the hell is he not in major debt

  14. Through these Linus has generated an estimated net worth of  over the years through his ownership of Linus Media Group. Linus Tech Tips is one of the biggest tech YouTube channels where they go in depth on different devices through reviews, modifications, testing etc

  15. I running gta 5 on medium 30fps vga cable flex flex

  16. who watches this religiously lol

  17. my nephew was rocking an intel core 2 duo up until last year with 8GB of ddr2, he never whined about fps drops, input lag or that his monitor was 1280x720p, now THAT was a ghetto setup but it saw a lot of use even at 20 fps, if he was lucky.

    I donated my old PC to him which was an FX8150 which he still uses right now and some gpu i forget the name of, for his xmas im gonna give him a new ryzen computer 😉 hand me down is gonna be hand me up this time.

  18. Benjamin S. says:

    I feel bad for Linus, everyone steals his shit lol

  19. Orgize says:

    Linus i want a pc plzw

  20. 1buppyboi says:

    when one of the top 3 worst rigs is your computer

  21. I dont have a pc and nearly failed twice in school cause of this, i would be lucky to even have a 2010 old gen pc lol. Pls help me

  22. next time come to my house and rate my 2800mhz cpu my 8 gigs of single channel 2666 mhz ram as well as my 970

  23. James is an animal abusers. Fuck him.

  24. id have upgraded all of their computers as a bonus. maybe nothing to crazy but help out everyone who participated and opened up their homes.

  25. Kazpy says:

    come and disrespect my setup next 😀

  26. There’s a Tesla at the beginning, odds of being of Linus? Although he made a video explaining why he wouldn’t buy one, but, I mean, it’s a model S new generation, i don’t know.

  27. Atlas says:

    Alt title: Boss making fun of employee's pay check that he gives them.

  28. I would like to point out that linus media groups has quite the acronym

  29. MADMONKEY Q says:

    They lucky. I play on a Lenovo form the early 2000’s

  30. 6:46 i am missing the same ucking key. i can't ind it anywhere.

  31. Fany P says:

    "I stopped gaming"
    linus : we aren't related anymore.

  32. dudfam1212 says:

    Bro this man has a working PC I GAME ON A MACBOOK AIR 2017

  33. LilClip says:

    hey! im on X58! yes i know but i dont have moneyzzzzzz

  34. Can you upgrade my Laptop?
    no one can upgrade my s2pid broken APU laptop

  35. MOSYA says:

    wow nice parent. hahha

  36. Linus dreams in code. He knows a Pc by just looking at the power code..

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