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In this video I showcase four super simple xp farms or concepts that will help you level up, especially early on. These farms, or ideas, are meant to be pretty simple. There are better, more advanced, ways to do many of the things I show off in this episode. This video was requested by Binyamin Alony among others. Thanks for the ideas! What video should come next?

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If you see this comment “sea pickles”


38 Replies to “4 SIMPLE 1.13.2 XP FARMS!”

  1. wattles says:

    This video won last night's first community poll, so here it is! Thanks for voting if you did. 🙂

  2. Simple farms shows redstone

  3. Relavistic says:

    Yoooo I’ve done this exact same thing!!

  4. All are very expensive dislike

  5. Alan Sun says:

    Simple but not too accessible

  6. An Ocean Man says:

    “Simple” yeah right. First two use spawners which you need silk touch to get and then find the right spawner, 3rd is extremely slow, and 4th is a late game xp farm. Smh.

  7. Lihlim says:

    S E A P I C K L E S

  8. Tedward says:

    Fishing is a really fast method if you have luck of of the sea and luring

  9. Ryan D says:

    You should join hermitcraft

  10. Joe abdallah says:

    Bro i didn't even found a single spawner

  11. Yusuf Ahmed says:

    I dont get why people make mob spawner farms since you can't pick it up in vanilla minecraft

  12. Danger David says:

    Does this work for 1.4

  13. Minimallie says:

    how to i place the signs like that for the skeleton farm?

  14. Andre Somi says:

    How did you place the signs like that on the first farm?
    Im on bedorck for this farm btw.

  15. kevin w. says:

    Will this XP farm work on psp 4

  16. But how to get a spawner in survival?

  17. wilsooon99 says:

    You sound like one of those security guards from half life

  18. TEEG_07 says:

    Can u make it in java?

  19. RichieTheRed says:

    I don’t see how 999 people could dislike this. It was informative, entertaining, and to the point. Just earned a new sub.

  20. erwin martin says:

    I love your vids and your XP farms. Keep up the good work. ❤️

  21. -,- says:

    6:26 if you start to look around at “enderren”

  22. cool kira says:

    how the fuck is this "simple"
    1-spawners is one of the hardest things to get
    2-it is in nether if i had good armors to go to nether i wouldn't search "simple"
    3-this isnt even a damn farm
    4-only people who ended minecraft could this and i am not pretty sure what is this "edermen " and if i ended minecraft i get tons and tons of XP from the dragin

    i wanted it simple to get ep to enchant my armor and i when i saw this vid with 500k views i thought it would be good but i am so sad since this is the worst video i saw in my entire life

  23. Mehmet648_ says:

    Pro tip: smelt cacti with bamboo.
    Smelting cacti gives as much xp as smelting gold.
    They are both farmable. (Zero-tick farms are amazing)

  24. Note: Smelting a ton of cacti in a furnace can get you way more levels than cobblestone or iron

  25. Thomas says:

    for the blaze farm, would lava work the way water did with the skeletons seeing as lava is basically water in the nether?

  26. how do i even get the spawners in survival

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