AFK Wither Rose Farm [fast and easy] | Minecraft (CHECK description)

October 26, 2018 by 36 Comments

Edit: NEW simple 1.16+ wither rose farm:
Edit: New farm here
Edit: new way to break portals
Easy way to farm up tons of wither flowers in survival. We built this up on stream, was a ton of fun with everyone on the snapshot server. The rates are unknow due to a few bugs in the snapshot.
More simple farms:

Edit: can also use wither rose for black dye

Mob spawning bug report:
Unloading bug report:
1.14 snapshot review:
Simple tree farm:
Enderstone farm:
Simple pearl farm:
Stream of testing:
Gateway in the void:

ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 4 year old server that has never reset the map with 100,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started! ProtoTech episodes:
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Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz

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36 Replies to “AFK Wither Rose Farm [fast and easy] | Minecraft (CHECK description)”

  1. Tenkiou brother for the farm

  2. Thanks for the awesome video! The farm was super easy to make, and after 10 minutes afk, I already have almost 5 stacks of roses!!! You're the man! 😀

  3. the wither seems to keep spawning next to the end gate. I am placing all the blocks the same way, any suggestions. I am on bedrock, does that matter?

  4. Nathan Naps says:

    Another point is that mobs can spawn on wither roses

  5. Jaron says:

    Cant you just use obsidian to recreate the gateway so if you dont want to use your main 1 – 20 and want it in the main end you can use that? or does it need to be bedrock

  6. Kpt koenk says:

    hey i want to makethis farm but u dont giva any building instructions
    please make that

  7. Does this farm still work with endearment spawning without that code block u got, and what do you have name tagged?

  8. Josh says:

    please get a new mic

  9. In Mobile version of Minecraft this rose wasn't been updated

  10. Jay HD says:

    Does this work on ps4

  11. givapva says:

    Vim pelo Vinicius 13

  12. Hi Ray can you give me the link to your video that shows how you built the farm?

  13. tie004uk says:

    How many blocks do the endermen have to fall? And what size should the platform be?

  14. hey ray have you had problems with a 1/1000 blue skull from the main head breaking the kill chamber? my farm is pretty fkn fast but it gets broken after a bit. Sucks balls because i cleared out 2 million blocks to build this near a portal for convenient travel…..

  15. Sorry have ps4
    Campfires will do

  16. Guiu 03 says:

    how can avoid the wither tp?ing to the main island? I had some problems with that

  17. phillip king says:

    The changed it so that lava placed against a trap door doesn't break the portal block anymore. Same with the old water dispenser trick. Does anybody know a new way to break the portal block?

  18. Simiboy3110 says:

    i cant destroy end gateway for some reason :/

  19. Pi61 says:

    how is this working on 1.14? Shouldn't the wither have 1/1000 chance of spawning a blue skull?

  20. I Just dit this and the wither got loos?

  21. Virang807 says:

    How can you do this in 1.15 since the end portal to the outer ender island cannot be broken like that

  22. teddybot11 says:

    this dosent destroying the portal in 1.15.1

  23. Shady says:

    wait so they patched being able to destroy the end gateway blocks in 1.15, soooo how do you make it in 1.15?

    Edit nevermind I didn't read the description

  24. When i did this the wither got out 😢

  25. Wild Doggo says:

    I've found like one endermite in the game. what the fuck

  26. Atef Haddad says:

    I built this farm on my friend's server, the wither keeps shooting blue skulls destroying both my killing area and the item transport system.. I'm still unsure on how the wither decides when to shoot a blue skull..

  27. I completely spawn proofed my end before this so I don't even have to worry about spawn proofing around the farm 🙂

  28. VXPL_Szymon7 says:

    You can put the wither instead of bedrock in obsidian?

  29. Can't you just shut up and head straight to the block by block tutorial?

  30. Pau Soler says:

    Does it work with an end gate on the normal end (where you fight the dragon)?

  31. Robert Kidd says:

    how do you get rid of the gateway part?

  32. JackTower says:

    Dont work in 1.15.1

  33. Just a quick question if you were to Waterlog the wall beneath the wither that holds it in place would it be able to destroy that even with a blue skull?

  34. TheKingNerd says:

    Does this work in minecraft bedrock edition?

  35. Deide Costa says:

    I'm on the version 1.15.2 and i can't break the portal with this method

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