DROWNED + ZOMBIE FARM TUTORIAL | Bedrock, Easy, Tridents, XP, 1 Hit Zombies

October 12, 2018 by 44 Comments

This is a tutorial for a working Drowned and Zombie farm for Minecraft Bedrock edition. You can get tridents, nautilus shells, rotten flesh, and more from this farm. There is a little bit of redstone, but not yet. This farm will bring zombies down to 1 hit. You can add a crusher to this farm if you’d like.

Resources – 58:08
Step 1 (Room 1) – 1:38
Step 2 (Elevator Prep) – 2:54
Step 3 (Elevator) – 4:15
Step 4 (Dropping) – 5:25
Step 5 (Farming Area) – 6:31
Step 6 (Redsone) – 7:18
Step 7 (Drowned Conversion) – 8:20
Step 8 (Activation) – 9:07
Final Showcase & Explanations – 9:43
Basic Crusher – 11:20

This works best on bedrock edition (Minecraft PE, Minecraft Switch, Minecraft Windows 10, Minecraft Xbox 1) & on the PS4 Edition.

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If you see this comment “rip drowned”



44 Replies to “DROWNED + ZOMBIE FARM TUTORIAL | Bedrock, Easy, Tridents, XP, 1 Hit Zombies”

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hey wattles can you link the discord in the comment of this comment plz

  2. Lucien Death says:

    Very helpful for mod farming an also for sending mobs into dungeon builds… I did something similar to this but its way long an like a canals

  3. Killa Drone says:

    That's pretty cool. Very Interesting.

  4. Unlicht drk says:

    This is so cool! Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Ally Weir says:

    I hope a farm for drowned + java edition comes out soon! I've got a buffet ocean world and I need to figure out a way to easily farm tridents haha

  6. Van Ezra says:

    Thank you so much! i did like 4 types of drowned mob farms from your videos! I still haven't decided which one's the most efficient.

  7. Micheal B says:

    piggyback zombie!!! ^_^

  8. A real easy way to make a bubble column is to place water at the top, and temporarily replace the soul sand with dirt. You can then place Kelp in the water all the way up to the top, and then destroy it. When you place Kelp, it automatically makes all the water blocks source blocks when you break it. Great video also! 👍

  9. Jiggly Puff says:

    Loved your vids for a while now and have noticed a trend. 20iah% of the time your words dont line up at all with what ends up being done in the build. Its not that big of an issue as you have a clear visual representation to follow. But I know if it made me mess up a few times I cant be the only one.
    Be careful with phrases like "placed anywhere" and any "either or" statements. It adds a level of confusion you dont want. Otherwise love your video! Helpes me out alot. Keep making good shiz

  10. Gosha says:

    Description says that "resources" timestamp is 58:08, you should probably fix that

  11. Erok 91 says:

    Dang it! Did this on ps4 and the water behind the piston doent stay! I should have paid more attention. Lul great vid doe!

  12. Is ice really needed or can you use water to push the zombies? I am just curious cuse i dont have any silk touches to get ice just yet so wondering what else can be done.

  13. Do you need the ice? In my survival world, I can’t find any

  14. Thank you so much for this tutorial! 🙂 My diamond items thank you as well.

  15. Hey can you try using campfire for killing and find a way to not get the fire out with the water

  16. Now… to find a zombie spawner…

  17. Would the farm still work if u make a turn in the top section of the build right before they drop down?

  18. Jacob Jones says:

    Cool tip the ice is not needed

  19. Do you make this fram in java edition

  20. ZaxR Gaming says:

    Does this work in bedrock 1.14?

  21. Ant My Dude says:

    Instead of the bubble column, can't I just dig a hole going down ? I found a spawner pretty high up so there's plenty of room I don't need to make them go up first

  22. just made this on bedrock, works perfectly! thx

  23. Eden Groves says:

    This is a nice farm. Gets a decent amount of tridents . Do you have a tutorial for a gold farm for bedrock? Most of them have you go above the nether roof, but Bedrock isn’t good for that.

  24. Andrew says:

    I’m on Wii U and the water doesn’t stay behind the piston, it will come out.. any idea why?

  25. I found a zombie spawner immediately outside of my base and couldn't think of what to do with it as I already have a no-mob-based XP farm setup. Converting the zombies to drowned is something that I didn't realize you could do. Thanks for this, I'll implement it immediately!

  26. I found that using a sticky piston in the bubble column works for converting them and they still get the fall damage.

  27. Prinny Jinn says:

    you're really under rated, out from all the minecrafters I have watched your guides are always the most informative and the most innovative.

  28. Hey wattles absolutely love the tutorial just wondering if there are any other ways of sliding the zombies other than ice because in my world I don’t have ice booms near by

  29. the reason i want the dround farm is because zombies will lose all of their armor and the armor will be unharmed. Dropping them before conversion causes them to harm the armor. how do i convert the dround before the drop.

  30. Very good design! I built it in my java edition world and it pumps out hordes of zombies!

  31. 앟리 says:

    So just tried in both beta version ( and current version (1.14.60), not working in beta version because zombie can't became trident drowned in future update. But yes it still work great in 1.14.60, under 30 minutes and already got 5 Tridents without looting sword.

  32. Wife says:

    Honestly dude, RIP Drowned

  33. Well you just earned yourself a brand new subscriber! I used to play the old minecraft, like early java and beta and alpha, back when there were only like 150 blocks and only creative mode, so I still have a lot to learn about the new updates, but this really helps a lot! Thank you so much!!

  34. Can someone tell me if a Zombie turned to drowned have a probability of dropping tridents??.
    Btw It's Bedrock Edition.
    And if not, can someone suggest me a trident farm tutorial for Bedrock ver.


  35. He said zombies will heal up if converted…..but the items that they are holding will also be healed I got 4 enchanted iron shovels 2 iron sword an op one… I havent tried but they may even heal your items if given before conversion
    Lots of gold as well armour and ingots

  36. IngRn says:

    Thank you! This really helped me, and it worked for me on Java too!

  37. My zombies keep coming up the bubble column, then falling back down the side with all of the signs. Anyway to make sure they actually make it to the killing chamber?

  38. Iomu says:

    So if its 23 blocks, the zombie will be 2 hit but if its 24 it will die, how does this work

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