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In this video I show how you can set up a super simple 1.14 automatic sheep or wool farm. This farm using the shearing dispenser mechanic to work. You could AFK near this farm and come back with tons of wool! This design is easy and also lossless.

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35 Replies to “EASY AUTOMATIC WOOL FARM TUTORIAL | 1.14+ Sheep Farm”

  1. wattles says:

    I'm very excited about this new dispenser functionality!

  2. Jon Haffey says:

    Xbox one version does not work. This was my second attempt at this and the only thing that happens is the dispenser throws the shears into the chest… Good luck.



  4. My sheep is defo malnourished it hasn't eaten and it's been a real day XD

  5. Lilspike10 says:

    I hate how YouTuber be like leave a like a suscribe at the beginning and we didn’t even watch the video

  6. 16 hoppers, 16 rails, 16 hopper minecarts, 16/32 chests, 16 redstone, 16 shears, 16 dispensers, 16 observers, 126 grass, 112 transparent blocks, 16 blocks, and 16 sheep if you want a farm for every wool color
    (Edit: actually you would only need one hopper minecart and just have it zoom between the stations)

  7. Jose Sanchez says:

    I did it in the Xbox 360 but i do prefer to shear then because the shears just come out n don't shear the sheep

  8. FruitCubers says:

    Need help, the sheep won't sheer once the sheers are dispensed

  9. hey wattles,why doesnt it work for me?

  10. Weyoun Six says:

    your new mic is so much better and so is your confidence!

  11. Bro I’m going to find netherite thanks bro

  12. Eli Green says:

    Wattles your so smart on my caste wourld on Minecraft I tried to build a sheep farm but it just didint work thanks for the idea

  13. Zephyiras says:

    Tried it in 1.15.2 and works perfectly. Thanks a lot!!

  14. Thanks! This was just what I needed!

  15. [GD] Frozn says:

    thank you so much, made this farm with every wool color and it looks amazing, perfect and compact farm

  16. Sean Diez says:

    Does this work in 1.16?

  17. AdigaKnocker says:

    This was very helpful but for people who have mobGriefing set to false the sheep won't eat the grass

  18. idk why but it drops my shears into the chest to along with the wool
    pls help

  19. phoebejpg says:

    Thank you helped alot

  20. Does this still work
    Edit: Mob griefing must be on

  21. Chris Cook says:

    Everything work.. except one thing.. the wool didnt go down below. It just stayed on the grass block..so what did i do wrong?

  22. Can't get it to work 😭😭

  23. 16 hoppers – 128 wood | 80 iron
    16 rails – 2 wood | 6 iron
    16 hopper minecarts – 160 iron
    16/32 chests – 128/256 wood
    16 Redstone
    16 sheers – 32 iron
    16 dispensers – 24 wood | 48 string | 16 Redstone | 112 cobble
    16 observers – 32 Redstone | 16 quarts | 96 cobble
    126 grass
    112 transparent blocks
    16 blocks
    16 sheep

    Wood: 282/410 | 4 stacks and 26/ 6 stacks and 26
    Iron: 278 | 4 stacks and 22
    Cobble: 208 | 3 stacks and 16
    Grass: 126 | 1 stack and 62
    Transparent blocks: 112 | 1 stack and 48
    Redstone: 64
    String: 48
    Blocks: 16
    Sheep: 16

  24. 2:43
    Since sheep are kind of fat, the easiest way to get the sheep in there that I've found is to make a flowing water canal and lead the sheep in.

  25. krisp says:

    on average, how many drops are there per hour?

  26. This helped because me and my friends are trying to get loads of wool for beds for netherite mining

  27. Celia Akey says:

    I did everything to a T but mine just won’t work