Guardian Dropper! (127,000 item/h) [simple] | 1.13.1-1.16.3+ Minecraft

October 6, 2018 by 36 Comments

Guardian Dropper is a guardian farm that simple yet fast and made by Xcellior and I. We updated our original one with compact spawning area suggested by TT and simpler item collection suggested by KK. We also improved the build time and the rates. More simple farms:

World Download:

Previous Guardian farm:
AFK land filling flying machine:
Simple fish farm:
Draining Monument with eggs:

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Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz
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Rays Works


36 Replies to “Guardian Dropper! (127,000 item/h) [simple] | 1.13.1-1.16.3+ Minecraft”

  1. Clicked as fast as I could this is so nice!!

  2. Rays Works says:

    Improving our guardian farm even more so it can be built and used more easily!
    Sorry about the music it got cut off by the filter.

  3. Yis Pinto says:

    I'm sad. Please please. Im depressed

  4. What's your opinion on the new updates? And what will you farm from them

  5. Muzik Bike says:

    Annoyed by the fact that the flowing water looks like a source block and not actually like flowing water? Here's the bug report for it, so be sure to vote!:

  6. Nerthexx says:

    YO, that noise gate is really not feeling okay, take it to hospital!

  7. I love simple things!!! I'm so surprised too! I didnt realize you could get rid of the fence gates so easy, but you forgot to replace that normal rail on the unloader with a powered activator rail so it can turn off the hopper cart while its unloading and also turn it off completely when you shut it down to walk away. But other than those mild things, this is absolutely amazing!

  8. nowymail says:

    What's wrong with the music? It's terrible!

  9. Great work. I'm always surprised that there's still room for improvement on those farms. I guess you could even build it in survival, as the guardians will fall faster then they can attack you. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

  10. REVENGE Xp says:


  11. alwayswinnen says:

    A little feedback, the background music is a little loud in this video, a little too distracting from your talking

  12. Артём says:

    I see amazing farm but how i can off her?

  13. nickel says:

    Thank you for the amazing farm Ray I can't really build stuff like this in my locked pure survival world but I love watching the videos on the crazy farms some people make. Please make a Storage Sorting System for 1.13 because the chest can now be right next to each other now. I use the 1.12 Ultimate Storage System V2 right now in my 1.13.1 world and works great.

  14. Birmioh says:

    Hey, i did download the map but the item counter does not work. Can you help me pls?

  15. mangaka7 says:

    Nice video! Any idea why my Ocean Monuments aren't spawning Guardians anymore? I converted from 1.12 to 1.13.1 and optimized.

  16. Yair Muñoz says:

    Ey rays, i was wondering if u can tell mehow can i see mobs with that aura like in your videos, its a mod o just a command?

  17. Adam Schadow says:

    Instead of air gaps between you can just put there portals so it is even faster and can be placed lower. It would be a nice topic for a future video to find out the optimal size of such a farm.

  18. The simplest designs are the smartest!

  19. Could this farm also work on ps4 edition? And if what kind of droprates could I expect would be awesome if you answer 🙂

  20. keppy says:

    I know the rates would go down a lot and I dont really care about that anyway, but is it a viable idea to raise the rail height and let the guardians die on magma blocks instead? Or would this cause any issues I currently can't think about? This saves a lot of digging!

  21. This farm works on v1.13.2 or only on v1.13.1?

  22. I know im very late but i didnt understand why it is good to remove the glass where no mob spawn and add 2 more minecarts and more redstone clocks which cause unneccsery lag the only reason i think is if the unloader cant keep up but i dont think it is the case
    Great farm anyway

  23. The1Stefan says:

    Hi Ray, is fall damage used as this creates less lag and quicker?? Rather than magma or wither roses. Does the farm in general make a lot of lag?? Should I pick an ocean monument away from everything? I've got a couple more layers to dig out before finishing the farm in survival and only now just thought about this ☹️🤔

  24. i love the fact that i came back to this video to test / ask if it's still working in 1.15 but of course You already updated the title ^_^

  25. Owen Steves says:

    where is the afk point

  26. 8bitpothead says:

    I don't understand how you waterlog the stairs and it doesn't spread

  27. FraneQ says:

    Why aren't my guardians spawning?

  28. I can make this more near to high 62 ?

  29. Aidan Sawyer says:

    Just finished building this is survival and want to give a massive thank you!

    Note: found a way have the farm still fully functional and use 29 minecarts, 29 hoppers, one observer, 29 redstone torch, 29 dispensers, 29 compariters and 3 stacks of redstone to make a fully functional unloading system for item sorters which sounds like a lot but is 10x cheaper than the unloadinf system in the world download. I don't rlly know how to share exactly how to do what I did in my survival world but could show a screenshot maybe

  30. Max Higgins says:


  31. i check the download on the lastest snapshot but doesnt spawn anymore its a snap bug?

  32. Lev Krikken says:

    Does this design also work for normal fish? So building this in a river biome? (probably also with nether portals to make it faster)

  33. bigmatis007 says:

    did you run this farm after 1.16.2? I was prototyping it and nothing was happening. So I downloaded the world, nothing is spawning in the farm at all

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