Infinite Bridge Builder! [AFK] (only 20 blocks) | Minecraft [STILL works]

October 13, 2018 by 32 Comments

New cobble bridge builder for 1.13.1+ using cool tricks! It’s only 20 blocks and all cheap materials. This new design takes the best of my previous designs. More simple farms:

First armorstand less bidge builder:
Snapshot builder:
Bridge builder with armor stand:
Bridge builder on water:

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Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz

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32 Replies to “Infinite Bridge Builder! [AFK] (only 20 blocks) | Minecraft [STILL works]”

  1. MrPapaya says:

    is there any chance to get a flying bridge builder to work in the bedrock edition?

  2. Skullbear says:

    mate, can you PLEASE start uploading videos of yourself building these things, trying to figure it out from pausing the video is so difficult.

  3. Could you remake this video, show us how you actually build it (I built this its working but it was absolute aids trying to figure out how to do it from your already made design.

    and show us how to phantom proof it! everytime I try it breaks the machine or it leaves my roof behind me.

  4. Piggy Bundle says:

    This was really usefull and you made me want to play skyblock again. Thank you.

  5. Old Kid says:

    I got a brain aneurism from constantly pausing my game and playing the video about 10,000 times. So thanks for not making a tutorial.

  6. slinkyslider says:

    why did someone have to dislike 🙁

  7. Graeme G says:

    Awesome thanks. You can also use the RMB and then F3+T then let go of the mouse button trick. This makes Minecraft repeat the mouse button over and over without you actually needing to do anything. If you also start by using F3+P (don't pause the game when focus is lost), you can tab out of minecraft and the bridge builder just keeps on going while you surf the net or watch awesome videos like this one. 😉

    Have you tried building machine that builds a wider track? Or is 1 block width the maximum, with this design? I'm playing around in creative now to see what I can do.

  8. jjtanks XP says:

    Amazing, thanks u, now I can search for an end city 🙂

  9. Cato says:

    You stole someone design

  10. Damion Davis says:

    You should have added a part where you build the damn thing

  11. TerRaPrime_ says:

    Can you please make a updated version for 1.15? With honey blocks. (:

  12. Sqbi says:

    [Info for >1.15 players] (honey update)

    You can just change slime blocks to honey blocks, then you do not need minecart, honey block prevents falling out of this machine (but you can't jump when you are standing on it). Also make sure that if you are afk in End that this machine is high in sky, so you don't hit land or anything else (happend to me, bruh).

  13. I could not get a clear view of the machine at all. Would be nice to be able to actually know the numbers of components such as how many slime blocks and how many observers. Things like that. And where exactly to place them.

  14. Kevin T says:

    Very frustrating to follow, between the poor camera angles and the fast talk. I would love to see a world download. Does it work in 1.15.2?

  15. Can we expand the road's size with this model and how to do it? Thank you a bunch!

  16. yup anyone new trying to follow along to this is gonna wind up with brain damage

  17. Zillion says:

    – 9 slimeblocks
    – 3 observers
    – 2 sicky pistons
    – 1 piston
    – 1 trapdoor
    – 1 minecraft
    – 2 rails (to get the minecart into the right place)
    – 3 non-flamable stairs

  18. Theorynos says:

    Playing a 1.16 server with friends, we arent allowed to kill drag yet I need end city's. Gonna try this in the end to see if I can make it over to the outer lands before dragon is dead

  19. Theorynos says:

    The stairs are not staying water logged for me

  20. 561 HZ says:

    Great builds but your tutorials are awful, you need to build this step by step because you don’t even show a full clear picture of the thing

  21. Andy Mankey says:

    what kind of tutorial is this bs I can't even see the whole build

  22. CyniuxD says:

    Does it work in 1.16?

  23. Angel Elah says:

    Does this work on mcpe

  24. GeneralLDS says:

    1.14.4. i cant get it to work. I place the lava, the machine moves, i pick it up, but then it stops working and i have to move the pistons by breaking them and replacing them. please help

  25. Amax21 says:

    This works in 1.16.2 for me! 🙂

  26. If anyone wondering this doesn't work in bedrock edition
    Because no block dropping or zero tick pulses are present in bedrock

  27. You forgot the windows "Mouse keys" option, just press "-" then "0" on the keypad, and it holds the right click button

  28. Is it possible to make seperate of these next to each other or can you like move it a block to the side and in the other direction so it kind of creates a platform?

  29. Love this idea. Like some others have mentioned in the comments, it would be great to see the road be wider than 1 block….preferably 3 wide….or maybe 3 wide with railings on either side?

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