Share Files & Chat Privately Offline with a Raspberry Pi PirateBox [Tutorial]

October 15, 2018 by 44 Comments

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How to Use a RPi as a Dead Drop for Private Communication
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 042

In an emergency situation where internet infrastructure can be unreliable, it’s advantageous to have an offline alternative to share data and digitally chat with other people. With PirateBox, we’ll show you how to use a Raspberry Pi for private offline communication right here on Cyber Weapons Lab.

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Materials needed:
Raspberry Pi:
USB flash drive:
MicroSD card:
MicrosSD card reader:
Power supply:
Ethernet cable:

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44 Replies to “Share Files & Chat Privately Offline with a Raspberry Pi PirateBox [Tutorial]”

  1. Tim Kleb says:

    Can you pls do a tutorial on how to track private phone calls. Somebody calling me the whole day and I can't block him.


  2. OMG this is so cool and useful! I wish I had thought of that…

  3. If you really want an awesome dead drop then combine this with the data hidden in an image (steganography). To anyone that happens to find the pirate box it will look like just another image but to those in the know it can be some valuable data.

  4. Martian Moon says:

    Damn bro you need some sleep

  5. VPS 0x'-._ says:

    Very Nice, But It Would Be best to add like a mac Ban Function or a spam filter to ratelimit

  6. Luftbubblan says:

    Why is there a redirect if you use the correct ip? Only thing that interests me in this video is the redirect tbh hehe. Would be cool if you would cover redirect or some kind of hotspot setups.

  7. I know it may not have been intentional, but the covered sticker look on the laptop is unique style

  8. Awesome content. Thanks! Also awesome choice of wallpaper. Good taste!

  9. Steve says:

    found a cool tutorial while browsing where you can actually turn your pi into a fingbox, different from an antivirus it focuses on protecting your actual network and it will sync with the app. So you can keep an eye on things from a far , and also use it as an attendance so you can see whose in your house and when. What can I use to make ascii banners in the terminal with nicer fonts, usually I will just use 'figlet' because its easy, but I want something a little less generic.?

  10. the terminal is too small. 🙂

  11. Ranga069 says:

    if i make one with the Pi 3 can i use a external WiFi usb

  12. Dinesh kumar says:

    Bro Keep it up ❤ Love from India

  13. c0ri says:

    man you really need to learn vi 😉 You can simply hit 'dd' and remove that whole line from your known_hosts. great vids keep them coming! i'd never heard of piratebox.. seems useful!

  14. LP Sharma says:

    Good tutorial….. Keep it up..

  15. DAVID says:

    Who can even dislike this?

  16. Jake Parker says:

    uhm… fing isn't a command according to iTerm

  17. The8beat War says:

    Bro i want to talk to u plz chat me on whatsapp +254745395310 plz bro tnx

  18. I've done some of this before but not with a Ras Pi, Just conceal it in a book

  19. Thank you for all these Pi videos Kody, really learning a lot.

  20. FROSTBITE337 says:

    does anyone else just get a rainbow screen ?

  21. James Atkins says:

    You're awesome man. I love your videos! Every time you come out with a new video I buy a new Raspberry Pi lol

  22. Sandiko says:

    7:40 no.. that isn't your fastest way for rem host_rsa. just type ctrl+k on the line of nano

  23. Thanks Null byte Alway enjoy your content

  24. Bruce Pike says:

    Love the functionality 🎩🦇💫

  25. How does one find the Pi's IP address using Kali Linux?

  26. How do hack someone Facebook PROFILE THERE email

  27. John Wolf says:

    What can this be used for

  28. Abin karthik says:

    I like a vedio but make some vedio that show how to data collect from other mobile or pc with the help of public wifi
    Your's faithfully

  29. USERNAME says:

    I keep on getting port 22: Connection refused

  30. Magicwinguy says:

    Just got one of these set up, does anyone know how to change the name of the Wifi network an the password for the wifi network?

  31. Vyl Bird says:

    I am in the process of developing a much improved piratebox system myself, but I do have a pointer for you: The Pi Zero W's onboard antenna is functional, but not really ideal – compromises are made to achieve such a small space. It is possible to fit an external antenna on to the Pi Zero W (Or other Pis), though – the designers left the required socket space on the PCB, just unpopulated. This will substantially boost the range of your piratebox. There's a catch: It requires some incredibly delicate soldering work.

    My own prototype piratebox uses a Zero W too, but it is intended to also incorporate an element of mesh networking – so you can scatter them around and they will link up to share their files and message boards.

  32. excellent content

  33. jm94565 says:

    Nice job thanks

  34. Dark Knight says:

    Which OS u were using?

  35. Daniel Chung says:

    Would I be able to communicate with people over great distances? Such as someone using my chat room over in Hawaii using my chatroom in California

  36. Mark William says:

    So would the other person you are trying to talk to need a raspberry pi as well to chat or only the ip address to put in a browser?

  37. Wolfy 122 says:

    Hi, I do not know if someone will even respond to me but I can't make it work, I have an all new rapberry pi 3 and I can't see the wifi. I put the img in the sd card I booted it and there is a red color but I can not see the wifi. Please help

  38. Looks like the project died out on 2019. I feel there may be a renewed interest now in 2020 with COVID-19 and the riots. I feel the preppier community is growing right now. Such as myself just now learning about the PirateBox.

  39. How do i do this raspberry pi 4 ???

  40. Jack Lewis says:

    Will this work on a raspberry pi 4?