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Today I have three fully automatic bamboo farms for you! One of these farms is super simple, one more complex, and one that is just right. These farms will work in the 1.14 Village and Pillage update.

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  1. wattles says:

    Are you going to make a Bamboo farm once the update is out?
    👏 new new tutorial tomorrow too 🙌

  2. Dot99 says:

    I tried but failed, and this tutorial didn't show how to build

  3. MongMong says:

    Super late on this video, but some comments on the last two.

    The flying machine farm outputs the most bamboo and gets increasingly cheaper the more you scale it up… BUT flying machines can break if the chunk unloads while it is still flying, so that's something you will have to consider.

    I'm with Wattles in saying that the last farm is the best UNLESS you really need/want an insane load of bamboo, like for instance for a huge smelter array. One thing you can do if you got a smaller size one, comparable to the one in the video, is to only send off the minecart once the observer triggers. Just send the redstone from the observer down to the ends of the powered rail and make sure the pulse length is 3 ticks or longer, so the minecart has time to take off. On either end of the track can then be a hopper to unload the minecart.
    Sending off the minecart only when triggered can help increase the stability of the farm (as minecarts can sometimes stop moving altogether when unloading), as well as the quality-of-life feature of being less noisy as minecarts can make a lot of noise when constantly rolling around.

  4. Finn McInroy says:

    Does this work in 1.16

  5. SkyGuyYT says:

    woah! this is the best farm

  6. I expanded your complicated design to run as both a bamboo and a sugar cane farm off the single clock (although with two separate minecart systems) and a wall in between them. I did this for no reason other than i felt like it

  7. btw i wanted to add i know this is old but theres significant improvements that can be made to the advanced build, which i have done. the original minecart dropping off system shown here really doesnt work nearly fast enough especially for bamboo or in expanded designs. really you need to set up a split-off path with redstone torches, an activator rail, and a fence with some comparators on the level below — so instead of the minecart just looping over a single hopper, you can have a minecart hopper->hopper underneath the split path thats fenced in. this drops off faster and locks the cart with the fence that is activated on the hill where a normal, simple minecart drop-off spot would be., then as it goes down, you wire the activator rail into the split path so it goes back up and through the loop after fully dropping things off.
    if you want multiple farms on the same circuit, you can also just extension cord the initial clock with sticky pistons and redstone blocks so the same circuit runs a farm right next to it with a dividing wall in between. if you do this, and use slabs on the bottom half of holes in the second side, you have a dual sugar-cane and bamboo farm since the slabs can hold water.
    if you want it even crazier you can use dispensers from the chests and more hoppers to feed the items out of the chest into a bubble elevator and water/ice transport them to a central storage facility if you have or plan to build one — this prevents ever needing to go back into the bottom of the farm (if you built it down instead of up like i did) Each side will need its own railcart and dropoff system though. and doing these things makes the build more intensive.
    but i found it necessary to, at the minimum create a split-path drop-off point for the carts, because otherwise they only drop one item per hopper they pass and the system doesnt pick up all the drops. the minecart hopper->hopper also speeds it up significantly at that drop-off point, as normal hoppers will have the cart stopped for a long time as the machine keeps running.

  8. mutton says:

    Would honey blocks work as a substitute for the slime blocks?

  9. Will this work on 1.16?

  10. RainBowee says:

    His skin tho…


  11. Why doesn’t mine work ? I did the same thing but the observer won’t work

  12. Loic Franco says:

    3rd is probably the best

  13. Rune France says:

    With the first farm, can you expand it upwards?

  14. How do you make the last one work in bedrock

  15. Specter says:

    What’s your intro song? 😳😳

  16. Nate Johnson says:

    Can you do an in depth on the perfect farm….#3

  17. Ur voice was so cute and childish

  18. Jolyne Cujoh says:

    bamboo works as furnace fuel, so if you want you could hook these farms to super smelters and have infinite fuel.

  19. Jolyne Cujoh says:

    does anyone know if the complex one still works in 1.16.3?

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