LGR Oddware: Action Replay for Windows 95

November 30, 2018 by 28 Comments

Cheat devices like the Action Replay were commonplace on game consoles in the ’90s. But on PC? Not so much. Didn’t stop Datel from releasing the PC Action Replay in 1998 though, complete with VHS tape and parallel port dongle!

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28 Replies to “LGR Oddware: Action Replay for Windows 95”

  1. winphreak says:

    I bought a CD at a show as a kid called XGamer 2000. Had a nice printed cover on it and a jewel case.
    When I got it home, it was literally a bunch of trainers and stuff organized by what game they were for.
    Which, upon later investigation, lead me to all the sites those were hosted on and who made them.

    Still worth the $10 I paid, and I learned some neat stuff about programming because of it.

    Oh, and unlike Action Replay, it actually worked.

  2. I used the commodore 64 version which could be used for cheating, pausing and breaking open the game and copying it.

    The PC version with the dongle, well, the dongle was ONLY to stop you from copying the Action Replay software and giving it to friends. So the dongle was to protect the cheat software only! Similar dongles came out at the time for high-end, expensive Amiga software. They were a horrible fad of hardware copy protection that no-one liked.

    On a side note, there was also a cartridge called a "reset cartridge" for the VIC 20 / Commodore 64 to allow you to enter poke codes. However, the same thing could be achieved by shorting out one of the pins in the back of the commodores.

    If you would like to know any more information about these cartridges, let me know!

  3. Im Reptar says:

    OMG I forgot about the bigdaddy code on aoe

  4. Zack Na says:

    It's simple it was made to trick dumb kids outa there money so they can brag about having it and also those who do not know how to enter in game codes.

  5. If you can find one, try an Xploder cheat system. Think they made a PC version but their products never let me down :D. I am in the UK though so the American versions may well be renamed.

  6. Here's what happened.

    The main tech guy responsible for the original left to do better things having been worn out by the "management" of the company.

    The management of the company believed they didn't need the tech guy as he was only a cost to the company anyway.

    They then asked some junior tech guy they bought in to replace the outgoing dude.

    Junior tech guy scraped some trainers from usenet and slapped drm all over them on bequest of the "management".

    Management dreamed of buying sports cars and hookers and blow.

    Reality set in. Management now work at large coporations and companies, repeating their original fuck ups, because they be narcissistic enough to believe they offer value to these new companies, when really, they are the same parasites they've always been.

  7. Honler says:

    I remember using action replay on my ds

  8. beezle1976 says:

    Had one for both the c64 and Amiga.
    Of all the hardware I've gotten rid of over the years these are 2 of my biggest regrets, specifically the Amiga cart (plugged into the left hand side zorro-esque slot), which are stupidly expensive nowadays.

  9. Te Vee says:

    Nice video! But why didn't you try the GameShark codes as was recommended on the Datel website? I wonder if those might have worked.
    The tape is is just bizarre given that they could have just included the video on the CD :))

  10. Nathan Lang says:

    I had an action replay for Nintendo DS. It stuck out of the game slot about 3 inches, the end of which you put the game card in. Very clumsy. If the thing ever slipped out while playing a game, there was a chance the device would become softlocked. Unfortunately, the only way to reset it was through use of a PC, and the program to do so was available only on Windows XP. If ypu had Windows 7, you were fucked. The program would run on 7, but would fail to recognize the action replay.

  11. gui nie says:

    The action replay for the C64 was so much better.
    Firstly, you could get unlimited lives, energy etc, but not by "pre-installed cheats", but the module would search the RAM of the c64 for the portion of the program code, that would reduce lives/energy by one.
    If that doesn't work I would search for "SBC $1", which is 6502 assembly for "subtract 1", and then I would change that value to $00.

    But the module was great for prgrammers too. It had a fastloader, you could inspect the programmcode of a running/frozen programm, save data (sprites, music) to disk etc.

    The PC version seems quite useless.

  12. The Action Replay box falling on it's face, how apt.

  13. ninjacat230 says:

    Nowadays you don't need a dongle or any money

  14. The Action Replay on the Amiga was an excellent piece of hardware. As well as cheats, you could could manipulate memory. One nice feature is the ability to search for variables that change. For example, if you have 100 energy, you tell the Action Replay trainer to search for 100 as a variable. You then return to the game, bring your energy down to 98, then have the Action Replay search for that new number. It could take a few iterations, but more often than note it would locate the variable in memory and allow you to edit it or even prevent it from being changed again. It also had a lot of copying functionality, including the ability to save the memory state to disk. This allow you to save progress in a game, and effectively copy a game, with the latter only really working if the game wouldn't be loading more content from the original disk. You could take screenshots from games and even rip music if they used a tracker to create it. Like the consoles, it looks like the PC version was more reliant on inbuilt cheats than searching for your own. I don't recall there being pre-made cheat codes in the Amiga version.

  15. so the dongle is just a physical object that had to be required to keep the software from just being copied and used without buying it. wow early DRM game was savage

  16. Watchdog says:

    Damn. I remember the first time I saw Age of Empires on my big brothers computer, the characters moved so smoothly. Then years later Age of Empires 2 when you could see the outlines of the npcs behind buildings. Truly unique times.

  17. Whaaaa? I thought that Forsaken was only a Nintendo 64 game!

  18. Gadzinisko says:

    "Who this was for?"
    Dumb people. It was targeted at dumb people :>

  19. HowlingSnail says:

    Damn, look how little tape there is in that VHS.

  20. Whatt Every says:

    1990s: Play to win. 2000s: Pay to win. 😎

  21. 101pcgamer says:

    i have this and am in uk and it dident work iva lol

  22. Action Replay is the ultimate gaming console for PC. Now you can rewind the room.

  23. 4:10 This woman reminds of that google stadia guy: Stadia lets you play the latest games 😀 i think they have a tree of people like that growing on it XD

  24. Interesting, a British woman with decent teeth, they do exist.

  25. Me: Installs Action Replay and starts playing Doom
    Others: FBI OPEN UP!!!

  26. I just got it for my ps2

  27. BonziBuddy says:

    If you see this comment, do not reply to it