Encrypt your Private Text, Photo & Archive Files with EncryptPad [Tutorial]

December 22, 2018 by 50 Comments

How to Encrypt Your Important Files with EncryptPad
Full Tutorial: http://bit.ly/EncryptPad
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A great way for a privacy conscience individual to keep their files safe is through encryption. Today, we’ll show you how to keep your important files for your eyes only with EncryptPad on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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50 Replies to “Encrypt your Private Text, Photo & Archive Files with EncryptPad [Tutorial]”

  1. Mark Renton says:

    This is really useful. Great job again dude, keep on posting!

  2. Nerzhina says:

    Hi, thank you for making these informative & educational cyber video tutorials. Wishing you & your team a very Happy Christmas. Cheers.

  3. Very nice sir! Keep it up
    Sir if possible make a video on Replay Attack using rtls SDR.
    Thank you for your videos ….
    Peace 🙂

  4. Encryptpad vs Veracrypt? Thoughts?

  5. Pranjal Goel says:

    Back to back videos, Keep it up null byte!!

  6. Deck Dude says:

    Can you show us how to hack an account
    My Instagram account got hacked and I wanna hack it back!!!!!

  7. Nik Ng says:

    This is also helpful in intruders snooping into our computer.. thanks 👍👍 can we also encrypt external hard disk from this tool..??

  8. pepe munic says:

    null byte with 2, yes 2 video in one day? na iam dreaming

  9. This just saved all of the files in my Notes. Hahaha! Keep it up Kodi! And God bless you always.

  10. God of boy says:

    Han you pleeese make a video about the malduino e lite and lite. I havet ordets one of the from maltronics hur i dont quiet understand how it works

  11. zenxtor says:

    Are you human??? You rarely blink your eyes

  12. Nice catch. Very interesting. It may be off-topic but it made me think about quantum computers… If a file is protected like the example with both a password and a password protected key. Even quantum computers can't access it without the key?? We'll I hope. Anyways thanks for all the good content.

  13. Amir says:

    Good thing to know, esp. for the privacy concern ppl like me.

  14. M ty says:

    You are on fire this week! Nice! 🙂

  15. pOmS says:

    Again.!! This is amazing

  16. Nice video ! 🙂 It looks like an interesting tool but I prefer the veracrypt volumes to store sensitive data.

  17. Pls make an advanced vedio on wifi hacking and wifi honeypots 😌😫😫😫i just bought pandapu09 n600 and watching all videos to make wifi hacking but it isn't intresting 🤐😓

  18. Sebastien L. says:

    So interesting and helpful

  19. Hello man . I reading your blog about binde apk mterpreter in original manuale but can you make it in video for mor explain

  20. Omar Awad says:

    Great Video thanks! Just one question: After we put an encryption key if we intend to store the files on the cloud will the files still be encrypted? A feedback would be great. Thanks again!

  21. I used my cmd to try to gain a wifi password… I went through the… netsh wlan show network. Then the netsh wlan show "network name" key=clear.
    And the pw is always listed as absent.

  22. Null byte can you send me a link so i can download Kali Linux to my Dell Windows 7 laptop

  23. could you make a video about making a Raspberry Pi server?

  24. anonymous x says:

    friend how to install beef in termux. you can't one video for the termux plss??

  25. Jamike Felix says:

    Unfortunately, this is not good enough for me to ditch my Symantec PGP Full Encryption suite. I can already set passwords, encrypt files or emails, sign files and emails, virtualize a drive, create an encrypted share, and use certificates for authentication. This isn't bringing anything new to the table other than remote key storage. I haven't even checked if mine does that.

  26. is it possible to convert a m3u8 file to an mp4 file on windows / mac?

  27. Hey im a newbie can you please help me my kali firefox doesnt work properly it stays loading, if i start a link via terminal it go to the link but then it keeps loading. I cant do anything just get to google and thats all please help me plssss help me

  28. Back 4 More says:

    Thanks for all the information. Love the vids.

  29. Tony England says:

    Excellent video.. Installed it and it works a dream.

  30. is the recent files in on "file" under the file encryption? Motherboard.epd?

  31. rajon rondo says:

    I thought Windows had built in support for this? Another great video btw!

  32. Can u teach us how to hack into digital billboards

  33. when i install trity in kali linux, it is not cloning,there is error [username,password].please help me sir

  34. Remaster says:

    Bro…believe it or not but you are one of my idols…

  35. Piiu Mlkj says:

    I love winrar password , but I wonder how secure is it ?

  36. Cid Da Costa says:

    How about Cryptpad? Its feasible to do a review of cryptpad? Not encryptpad… Congrats, nice review about this tool

  37. Karthik Ram says:

    Hui bro,I have doubt ,normal citizen can hack someones calls,is that possible !?

  38. jm94565 says:

    Will this work on a raspberry pi

  39. Peter Kim says:

    What is the good encryption that someone can't crack even supercomputers can't?

  40. Please help me. extentian file make .{31ADD127-9993-0112-6A8B-A1475ED9807D} information eset not32 virus filecode huntrap.trojan. information !!!YOUR FILE ARE ENCRYPTED!!!.TXT

  41. MinePro120 says:

    Gpg : Am I a joke to you?

  42. You could do the same thing with OpenSSL, which also works on all those platforms.

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