Minecraft 1.14+ GUARDIAN FARM TUTORIAL | Automatic, Efficient

December 2, 2018 by 43 Comments

Welcome to my 1.13+ compatible guardian farm tutorial! This farm can be setup for xp or in a fully automatic mode. This farm will get you tons of cooked fish, sea lanterns, and prismarine. This farm will be compatible with both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. It is technically compatible with any version of Minecraft that has guardians in it. This method is a very time consumer method however. I am not the original designer of this style of guardian farm.

materials – 1:47
step 1 – 3:20
step 2 – 4:17
step 3 – 5:34
step 4 – 8:50
step 5 – 10:56
step 6 – 11:32
step 7 – 12:34
step 8 – 13:25
step 9 – 15:08
other info – 16:42

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43 Replies to “Minecraft 1.14+ GUARDIAN FARM TUTORIAL | Automatic, Efficient”

  1. Existed says:

    Instructions not clear
    I built a EnderDragon Farm

  2. itsmetina says:

    this still works in 1.16?):

  3. Gebocigy says:

    4:34 Wait, why 3 blocks out? I thought 1 block out is enough as they only spawn within the monument.

  4. Does this still work

  5. Jolly says:

    this work in 1.16????

  6. Austin A. says:

    Works in 1.16.2!

  7. Samuel says:

    this video took me a week to complete lol

  8. RIvaldo Caga says:

    Does it work on bedrock 1.16?

  9. This work in 1.16?

  10. anyone know what the best distance to stand at to get high rates of spawn ?

  11. JGTB0PL says:

    why my farm could dont work (1.14.4)

  12. Does it work on bedrock 1.14?

  13. You could have used fill commands

  14. Does this work in 1.16.2

  15. Fuzzywumple says:

    Took me about a week to drain and take down the monument. A day to build the farm.

  16. MWF Shaddock says:

    Does this still work in 1.16.3?

  17. Creepers don't spawn inside monuments. Only Guardians can.

  18. does this work in bedrock?

  19. Does this work on 1.16.1?

  20. Kevin Deneys says:

    Just tooo much commercials my man…

  21. this video was fucking around my head

  22. did not work cause i suck

  23. Does this still work? Won't the drowned mess up the spawnrates?

  24. Lugburz-Shak says:

    I raided first the monument (i enter becose i made a tunel under the sea floor) and then i drain the inside (including some parts that normaly are unaccesible and some random 2×1 space of water) (pd: i use the heart of the sea in the top of the monument doing it after that without having a plan before its very helpful the capacity of underwater breath and nightvision) so the most of blocks of the walls were the monument itself becose i couldnt stand like nothing becose the were shotting me but is was in movement i could miss their lasers but to drain the rest i was looking for motivation and i saw some about invisibility potions and hope that ll help (also i cleared the most of kelpt). Im planing to drain having like 3 sand walls to try to dont die by fall on drained parts

  25. I built this in Minecraft Education and it doesn't work

  26. Does this work in 1.16

  27. Does dis still work on 1.16.3????

  28. NEB says:

    instructions unclear, accidentally built a cod farm

  29. does this work on bedrock 1.16?

  30. Technobat says:

    Pro Tip: Playing in the later versions (1.16+), replace lava for soul campfires for 100% efficiency. Down side: no cooked fish

  31. UberMouse says:

    I guess this thing is still working in 1.16?

  32. I just built this and it don't work☹ wattles can you help me?

  33. Cereal says:

    Wait, Can I put a guardian skin over it like your let’s play (so the farm looks like a guardian)

  34. Body Gamer says:

    Is she running on the SONY 4?

  35. Second Lyfe says:

    Long but worth to read if you are on Bedrock

    Welp i'm on bedrock 1.16 Switch version, i speant 3 weeks draining and went on crwative to test it (DUMB I KNOW) and it "works" but i added in a 3 block long platform on all sides 2 blocks down so fish can spawn and speant an over night afk session and they do spawn usually 3-4 for my edits (no roof btw) but ofc there are better farms for bedrock but i still drained it to make a base idea, and i still plan on doing it, so i suggest using a different farm build for BEDROCK since the design combined with blocks needed, time, and drops is not worth but it looks goodsince fish and squid are seen swimming so you have an aquarium and can get more fish while waiting for a few guardians to spawn (and some drowned) imma go overnight for two more days and clear out the chest today and see what happens

  36. Does this still work?

  37. ImLeaf says:

    Does this work 1.16.4?

  38. Just finished building this on bedrock, and it doesn't work as of Nov 11, 2020

  39. J.K Awsome says:

    Is there a way to set it up where you can toggle it to switch between xp and afk drops easily?