Test if Your Wireless Network Adapter Supports Monitor Mode & Packet Injection [Tutorial]

December 11, 2018 by 29 Comments

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How to Test a Wireless Network Card for Kali Linux Compatibility
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 051

Kali Linux doesn’t work with all wireless network adapters on the market. Aside from chipset compatibility, one needs their adapter to be able to be put into monitor mode as well as perform packet injection. Today, we’ll guide you through the selection process and show you how to test for these features on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

Good wireless cards include:
– Alfa AWUS036NHA: https://amzn.to/36IYVTt
– Alfa AWUS036NH: https://amzn.to/2Ys0mnu
– Alfa AWUS036NEH: https://amzn.to/2VeVcv0
– Alfa AWUS051NH v2: https://amzn.to/2zpHgWm
– Alfa AWUS036H: https://amzn.to/2YoI1ri
– Alfa AWUS036ACH: https://amzn.to/37rMMnS
– Panda Wireless PAU05: https://amzn.to/2SOGdFp
– Panda Wireless PAU06: https://amzn.to/37nBYXY
– Panda Wireless Pau09: https://amzn.to/2C5rNMp
– TP-Link TL-WN722N: https://amzn.to/32nTKI3

To learn more, check out the article: https://nulb.app/z4g3g

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29 Replies to “Test if Your Wireless Network Adapter Supports Monitor Mode & Packet Injection [Tutorial]”

  1. Can someone share the video link of Pirate Box mentioned in timestamp 7:49

  2. Is this going to work on Virtual Box or do I need a laptop running Kali Linux for the adapter to work?

  3. Andre L says:

    5:53 update 2020: use the "sudo ifconfig"

  4. Got an Alfa Network AWUS036NHA and all well until the handshake. I just can't get it. Thinking if I should return the product or not 🙁

  5. Hi sir, is my laptop wifi card (wlan0) supports packet injection???

  6. Santoni Geek says:

    he is blinkman our hacking teacher

  7. can do this things using Alfa Wifi Wireless W113 USB Adapter?

  8. MahdiScoot says:

    I have that tp link adapter but when i go in monitor mode my wifi disconnects instantly how can i fix this😭

  9. I only have lo and eth0

  10. jad daniel says:

    Hi, I have an issue that I am trying to solve for like 6 hrs now!!
    my alfa network card is in monitor mode but when I run airodump-ng wlan0mon I am detecting any BSSID!!
    I tried everything, I tried airmon-ng check kill then airmon-ng start wlan0 then airodump-ng wlan0mon I got the same issue!
    can you please help

  11. What do you thing about TP-Link TL-WN821N. Thanks

  12. Bro plz tell me…i have laptop.so. can i need wifi adopter for hacking the wifi.in..airmon-ng ?????

  13. I am very happy with my RTL8188EUS (WN-722N V3) for 2.4ghz – Cheap adapter with nice capabilities… its also working on nethunter however the drivers need to be compiled and installed both for nethunter and kali linux manuell… Unfortunately there are many installation instruction out there for this chipset, that are resulting in errors… i made my one wich works perfect: https://github.com/trueToastedCode/Linux/blob/master/How%20to%20rtl8188eur%20on%20Kali%20Linux.txt

  14. i am from Bangladesh and all the adapter that showen in description, most of them are unavailable and few that are available are very expensive that is why i unable to afford them, but can but the is a lower cost adaptor with a chip standard of 802.11 n/g/b can you please tell me will it support monitor mode And packed injection, so i don't end up wasting money.

  15. Real Life Sheldon Cooper!!

  16. How About RTL8812au?

  17. AzgarD says:

    11:19 you can see that Kody is not used to blinking when he does a pause and blinks lol.

  18. Sherin Sunny says:

    But tp link wifi adapter doesn't support wifi Hacking and packet injection

  19. @Null Byte in the console mine is still showing wlan0??

  20. Useful tuto thank you

  21. NISMO JOE says:

    It worked but the "airodump-ng wlan0mon" command was "sudo airodump-ng wlan0" for me. I'm using a rtl8814au

  22. G1 X1 says:

    Hello please tell me which one is the best wifi adapter hacking

  23. thesick says:

    When i execute the command
    airodump-ng wlan0mon
    Kali doesn't detect networks
    can somebody help me?

  24. Hagob Paek says:

    Hello, I'm getting new to hacking and whenever I start airodump on Kali Linux it doesn't show anything. I'm using Kali on a virtual box and I'm able to use monitor mode on my chipset and it appears to be compatible. Do you know what are some things i can do to solve these issues.

  25. Sammy Tice says:

    Hey, if I'm running Kali in a VM, what network setting (currently using Bridged Adapter as that recognized my adapter) do I set it on to use the wifi adapter I have plugged into my laptop? I have internet access on Kali but when I "ifconfig" it gives me an eth0 address, not a wlan.. And if I try to start airmon-ng, it tells me to kill the Network Manager before I continue, but this shuts down my network manager (ad thus internet connection) on Kali. So idk what to do..

  26. Best laptop to start hacking

  27. Frank King says:

    cool video tried all , and it works i must admit, i didn't dare to make last step…

  28. I dont see anything after I've entered the "airodump-ng wlan0mon" command