Use Netcat to Spawn Reverse Shells & Connect to Other Computers [Tutorial]

December 8, 2018 by 50 Comments

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How to Create Reverse Shells with Netcat
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 050

Netcat and Ncat are two useful tools for copying data across a network. To a hacker, the only limit to these tools utility is your imagination, and we’ll demonstrate the ability to do everything from copying data across a local network to remotely controlling a computer with a reverse shell. We’ll show you how it works in this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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50 Replies to “Use Netcat to Spawn Reverse Shells & Connect to Other Computers [Tutorial]”

  1. Mark Chavez says:

    next time can you please make the video with your shirt off and some Daisy Duke short shorts? Thank you and God bless

  2. Ícar says:

    You don't need "sudo" if you are root.

  3. stacy hoff says:

    Why did you blurr the kali linux date at the top

  4. Kenny says:

    This nc is really really awesome to use if you have to copy some text to other devices running linux.
    I mean It's like Copy-Paste over the local network, very convenient!

  5. astralseeker says:

    Swedish progressive trance project: Vibrasphere
    Title: Sweet September

    no credit
    you're welcome

  6. resource temporarily unavailable i got this error when i tried to connect to the server

  7. Tony Gilbert says:

    smart ole boy there aren't ya…

  8. "And it doesn't kill the one cat that saw you f^cking the teacher before she even had a driving license, huh?! Witness hasn't a cmd line. I'd usually take my skills in from real experiences .. But that Matrix alike background never came in low res." 🗨😏👠🌀⌚🐱🎦

  9. Just saying all the AV out here this tool has been use for hacking since 1996!! ! 🤓🤓

  10. 🤓🤓no FIFO persistent backdoor? What if -e isn't available?

  11. htiguy1 says:

    Very interesting, you have some great content. Thank you.

  12. CrackerWeb says:

    To use the nc the client system(server) must have nc install, am i right?

  13. Mikey Wolf says:

    where do i download netcat?

  14. Man is SMACKIN' those keys.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You would need access to the target to run netcat in the first place, so why not just execute from whatever shell you have already gained access to?

  16. So with all of these different tools that people can use where is the defining point between a script kiddie and a real hacker

  17. Geekster says:

    but how did you get the server installed on the victims pc withou them knowing?

  18. can the server get a reverse shell on the client?

  19. Hey I know this is a year old but does netcat the same as ncat. Cause I have something called ncat on my computer

  20. Does it work on parrot os

  21. Need all access to a android phone camera and all activities

  22. Good job! I'm hacker rookie, and

    I'm used to using metasploit framework without knowing the basics! So thanks.

  23. Harismo says:

    I like the cat pictures in the background, fits in well 😂👏

  24. bmobb360 says:

    Got the message

    Ncat: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. .

  25. Spicey Swag says:

    Does this work Over WAN?

  26. i found multiple wan miniport on device management, is it considered an hacking activity?

  27. How can we reconnect netcat by our tablet 😣

  28. Rui Miranda says:

    you created a reverse shell from windows to kali not the other way around

  29. Noorms says:

    Stop staring into my soul…. 😶

  30. V. says:

    Dude… I can't even make the connection between both computers, even though I connect the client to the server-port messages won't happen as they did with you…

  31. If hacker try to attack then How to reverse hack him

  32. So do you need to have the backdoor? If so how would you install it remotely?

  33. hey could you please give me the link to the download you used, im having a hard time trusting any links

  34. D4ni3l says:

    I think don't understand the concept. The point of this video is to show how to control a remote computer using netcat.
    However, in order to make something work, at first, you need to open a port on the "remote computer" (which as hacker' you don't have access to).
    Is there a way to convince the target to open a port and run the commands via a bash?

  35. "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  36. Hui Woo says:

    can you demonstrate how to use from kali to windows?

  37. Can somebody help me please
    I used 'XEEXE' to create payloads but after running it on another windows, through where should I listen to it. I tried meterpreter but no connection was established. I believe xeexe is something different and might require something else. How can I establish connection please help

  38. Who is WeiWei? Your girlfriends? Boyfriends?

  39. Am I the only person who pronounces it "sue-doo" ?

    Ima be honest I don't even like how it sounds vs "sue-doh", but I can't stop my brain from seeing it as "superuser do" so when I get to "do" I feel obliged to pronounce it as if "do" were by itself.

    Ps im not trying to be like "err I know python bruz" – quite the opposite, I just started learning it about 2 weeks ago and I barely know anything, so maybe that's why I pronounce it like a stoopid.

  40. DSAhmed says:

    why do you run nmap just to get priceline's IP address? seems a bit much. (dig, or nslookup seems to work just fine, plus you know 80/443 will be open)

  41. L D says:

    Noob question, I lost the flow… were you hacking the linux computer with the macbook or hacking the mac book with Kali. I thought it was hacking the macbook with Kali but at the end with the files transfer I got lost.

  42. bruh i had to hit enter to let it work i waited almost an hour

  43. ian moraga says:

    Can this work in windows?

  44. Vetboss says:

    thank you. but can I save the computer connection so I can get access in the future as well? Because I want to connect to it more than once.

  45. MR. Smileiy says:

    Who else is here because of picoCTF?

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