Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??

January 31, 2019 by 29 Comments

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29 Replies to “Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??”

  1. dukekiler99 says:

    10:09 Linus hoarding toilet paper since before it was cool

  2. Wolfara. says:

    "It wasn't me who dropped it, it was a very strong gust of wind!"

  3. I just noticed the sponsor. "MassDROP"

  4. Iestynd100 says:

    Yo ill have the broken Xeon

  5. wyatt calton says:

    linus ive watched three of your videos today and you've probably dropped 10 different things.

  6. edgarloike says:

    if things go wrong today, im going to blame the person who sold you the thing in the first place.

  7. Just put that in an oven or run a heat gun over it.

  8. Is there anything that linus doesn't break???

  9. Big.Boi says:

    how are you able to drop a 10 thousand dollar cpu just HOW

  10. Wandli says:

    Black screen of death

  11. Mier Beuker says:

    The two and a half million views you got on this video already, should have paid for a couple of those cpu's already. Yeaahhh

  12. Smug says:

    Linus this video was such a disaster

  13. PJ Z says:

    Dropping and then using a nail and gorilla glue on something that costs more than my car.

  14. Warranty bro… It fixes everything.

  15. Linus looks so deppressed in this video, i feel sad

  16. Joshua Crain says:

    "and I dropped it." Seems par for the course around here.

  17. I bet a year later a video of another fix attempt pops up, Unless they get rid of it or Intel takes it back.

  18. Zaconrye says:

    What do I call privilage? "…only 327 gigs of ram instead of 364…"

  19. GPFFS1 says:

    just use amd becuse amd is Linus drop prof

  20. Dino Slav says:

    i just love how supportive tech channels are with each other. love it!

  21. Joe Corbin says:

    I always thought I was the clumsiest person in the world.
    Linus: Watch me try to fix a 10K CPU I dropped.

  22. Massdrop Linusdrop🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. Stop dropping stuff and you'll be fine.

  24. Harry Sss says:

    beeb beb beb beeb beb beb beeeeb

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