EASY ITEM SORTER TUTORIAL | Expandable, Stackable Items

January 12, 2019 by 22 Comments

This video is a tutorial for a simple 1.14 compatable Minecraft Item Sorter. The design is expandable and should work fairly well on most servers. This sorter method will sort all stackable items. This design & tutorial is for Minecraft Java edition. I can not claim original concept on this design as this has been around since hoppers & comparators.

items needed – 1:52
input system – 2:58
item sorter – 4:28
adding more – 6:02
hopper locking – 6:28
finishing – 8:01
expansion – 8:38
other things – 10:23

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22 Replies to “EASY ITEM SORTER TUTORIAL | Expandable, Stackable Items”

  1. wattles says:

    Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ I plan on doing more tutorials throughout 2019! Is there one you'd like to see done / redone?

  2. VQYD says:

    I made the mistake of using a dispenser rather than dropper and TNT was one of the items in my sorting system… I deserved what I got

  3. Kids Co says:

    does not work

  4. My item sometime get stuck on the hopper, is there a way to fix it?

  5. This guy actually makes sick tutorials

  6. Anna says:

    is the item sorter broken on 1.16?

  7. Sansi XD says:

    It don't work on 1.16.4 (or I can't do it)

  8. B13 Studios says:

    Pls help my top hopper wont stop at 41 and just take all the items but my bottom hopper is fine what should I do?

  9. JgHaverty says:

    Really helped and worked great, thanks.

  10. Wolfsurge says:

    He sounds so different…

  11. YEET GOD says:

    Why when im putting items in to lock hoppers is it just going past 41? Im on xbox

  12. Are you and Angel? Why you in the clouds?

  13. Isaac Lim says:

    Why I tested but it didn't work?

  14. i did this and it did not work:(

  15. Ethan baylis says:

    when i put my four items in the hopper (bed rock addition) it just filters them strait iut into the chest and doesnโ€™t lock the hopper ?

  16. This was an awesome video!
    Wish I could like again.

    Cheers heaps for the vid!

    Do you have a tutorial of a sorter that also does non-stackable items?

  17. For bedrock users, if you are sorting a huge no. of items, this sorter is a bit unreliable so check out silentwisperer's vid on his item sorter which is crazy reliable.

  18. Goodest Boy says:

    I wanted to ask, at the end of the sorting circuit does it have to be a chest or can it be more hoppers that go somewhere else?

  19. ItsEclipse says:

    i combined this with a gold farm and iron farm and the flowers from the iron golems and the rotten flesh from the piglins got throwen in lava

  20. Truedy says:

    How do you expand the sorter down but different items are below the chests