Exploring the Clickbait Kingdom [Feat. Meme Insider]

January 31, 2019 by 26 Comments

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Meme Insider and I pop down to the ol’ clickbait hole to do some fishing. What we found will SHOCK you!


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26 Replies to “Exploring the Clickbait Kingdom [Feat. Meme Insider]”

  1. Meme Insider says:

    Writing this with a banana lodged down my throat. Never felt better!

  2. neeN says:

    I eat a banana a day and I'm still (self diagnosed so probably not) depressed what have I done wrong

  3. drthmik says:

    Put a Banana in your EAR! a banana in my ear?
    Put a ripe banana into your favorite ear
    It's true says who So true
    Once it's in, your gloom will disappear
    the bad in the world is hard to hear when in your ear a banana cheers
    so go and put a banana in your ear

  4. Alex Ander says:

    Meme insider has the cutest giggle

  5. Cory Ball says:

    So I need to go around with banana peels in my mouth, shoes, and face, coke in my hair, sprayed all over my car to keep bugs out and banana peels to keep out the smell? Sounds fantastic. They forgot a banana up the asshole for colon health. I can swear by it because I've been doing it for a year now and my asshole feels newer than it did when I was born.

  6. I love watching these channels with hundreds of thousands of views joking like they're bad and tiny channels with less than 100 subs never get 2k views at all

  7. Glyne Lewis says:

    To be honest.. coke does have clean chrome and toilets.

  8. Ben Shapiro says:

    Blog writers hate him:
    Click now to See how local (your city) man created 20098 life hacks with banana flavoured coke.
    Written by Watson Watson.

  9. timtommersen says:

    I love this show but I hate my parents

  10. Liam says:

    This clickbait is like crossing a portal into idiocracy. Also shock category is shock+awe

  11. Liam says:

    A few years ago I ran across a forum for people who create this stuff. It seems there were templates and a large number of unemployed marketing graduates competing to drive traffic to affiliate links in order to gain kickbacks. That was before outbrain, taboola, mgid, et. al. made this a huge business model.

  12. You guys are funny doing all this but fun fact; you actually CAN use coke to clear corrosion off of a car’s battery. Done it before.

  13. As someone who regularly accidentally just leaves banana peels around my room
    (Dont ask ..depression)
    They dont get rid of any smell they literally create this disgusting sickly sweet smell

  14. I love how the Greenland Vikings sold the horn of the Norwall as unicorn horn to European countries who's royalty incorporated into thrones and scepters and sculptures…haha

    It seems one more Norse first, deceptive marketing. I believe they called it Unicon


  15. NekoKat says:

    You have forgotten your password, you should have used dashlane

  16. jaxtraw says:

    Fact: Coke will give you bigger boobs.

    Problem: only works for men.

  17. BennyBaDenny says:

    How the hell are these newspaper businesses still alive, like how have they not went bankrupt yet

  18. Ryan Rhodes says:

    My friend tripped while scrolling now there’s a meme inside her. Will she go blind?

  19. Magnus says:

    Anyone knows what the secrete link was? Website is down for me